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An easy way to record streaming audio
Authored by: 010111 on Apr 07, '06 04:09:08PM

your students should seriously look into getting their money back for such a class.

this isn't a difference between "high end" and low-end. it's a difference between correct and incorrect.

if any connection in an audio or video chain besides the input or output is *AIR* you have a problem. if you do not understand this you should not be teaching anything having to do with audio or video production.

you can rationalize it all you want. it is still incorrect. and a very poor hint.

it's akin to suggesting a convenient way to record streaming video would be to set up a video camera and point it at the screen. and then rationalize the pisspoor quality and total inappropriateness of the "solution" by saying i don't 'need high end' or that 'streaming video is low quality anyway'. give me a break. and give your students their money back.

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An easy way to record streaming audio
Authored by: dcottle on Apr 10, '06 08:31:45PM

Man, I am such a loser!

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An easy way to record streaming audio
Authored by: chyna4xena on Apr 10, '06 09:27:51PM
010111, that is the silliest comment I have ever read.

Clearly, what is "correct" and "incorrect" does change depending on the circumstances. In fact, using gear or setups that are too high-end for a given context is absolutely incorrect, because you waste the extra resources, personnel and time those high-end systems need, and you are getting NO benefit (because the extra quality is not needed). Spending time and money, or energy, for no benefit, is as "incorrect" as it gets. This is something that is taught in all fields of digital recording.

From your theory, I could state that watching a videocassette is an incorrect way of viewing a movie - DVDs have much higher quality and resolution. But it is incorrect to watch DVDs, because the MPEG2 compression system introduces artefacts, and the resolution is not the best - you really ought to go to the theatre. Ah, but the theatre is incorrect, too, because they only screen copies of the prints, they don't have the original, perfect prints themselves. Do you see how it is silly to suggest that any level is "incorrect" ? Every level is "correct" if it is of sufficient quality to satisfy the viewer.

The submitter made it pefectly clear that they understood, and did not mind, the loss of quality involved in this method. The hint wasn't (I cannot stress this enough) "Record high-quality audio", the hint was, "An easy way to record audio (at low quality levels)".

I think his students are well-served by an educator who knows that any one solution is not the perfect setup for every single instance, and that extra work for no benefit is wasted work ... but they probably know that already, as most humans do, as you apparently do not.

He wants to record low quality, streamed, spoken audio, and he wants to do it easily. He is happy with the quality, so for goodness' sake, what on Earth is "incorrect" about that?

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An easy way to record streaming audio
Authored by: dcottle on Apr 17, '06 01:48:51PM

(I posted a response earlier but haven't seen it. Sorry if this is redundant.)

I considered a more reasoned response such as chyna, but 010111 was basically saying I'm a loser for not doing things the way he would, so I figured I'd give in.

We have some very nice equipment, but in committee meetings I use my internal mic at 11k 8 bit because it transfers to the director's jump drive faster, it opens in her editor faster (than an mp3), and it's good enough for what she needs. And yes, clients and students are both grateful to work with someone who has nothing to prove by throwing time, money, and all the gear he has access to at every project. But I do realize most engineers don't think that way, so I usually give in when challenged. Do it how you want. This works for me. (And actually, the quality is pretty good.)

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