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Authored by: Loren on Apr 15, '02 10:15:02AM
[Editor's note: I have not tested this script.]
The script below automatically finds the next IP in a list of IP addresses called ips. This list must be one IP per line, and must not have a blank line at the end (i.e. save it with the cursor on the line of the last IP). The script uses fping, although ping could be (used albeit a bit more slowly).

The script discovers whether or not the target IP is in use; if it is, it goes on to the next one recursively, updating the order of the ips file each time it runs. Otherwise, it updates your en0 IP and routes appropriately, optionally calling noip (the command line interface for free dynamic dns client). It won't loop infinitely as it stops if it reaches the beginning IP in the list. Check out the comments to see where you can easily make this a one-IP, command-line-input script.

#ips is in rotateip's dir, so cd to wherever you put this list.
#i use the bin directory in my home directory.
#remember you'll want to run this as root, so you'll
#need to hardcode it (~/bin won't work).
cd /users/evands/bin

#relevant network data

echo Rotating IP address... please wait.

#rotate the IP list
NEWIP="`tail -n 1 ips`"
echo $NEWIP >
grep -v $NEWIP ips >>
mv ips

#starting point file
if (test ! $START)

#fping it and output either nothing or an IP
#to use ping, do a ping -c 1 $NEWIP and look at the last
#line - 100% packet loss means it was unreachable
TheTest="`sudo fping $NEWIP | grep 'unreachable' | tail -n 1 | sed -e 's/is unreachable//g'`"
if (test $TheTest)
#It was unreachable
echo Updating IP to $NEWIP
sudo ipconfig set en0 MANUAL $NEWIP $NETMASK
echo Waiting for update
sudo ipconfig waitall
sleep 5
echo Routing $NEWIP to $ROUTEME
sudo route -q delete default
sudo route -q add default $ROUTEME

#send SIGHUP signal to netinfod (running -s local) and lookupd
sudo kill -HUP `sudo cat /var/run/`
sudo kill -HUP `sudo cat /var/run/`

#update dynamic dns using noip to the new ip address after
#waiting 2 secs for routes to update
#uncomment tabbed lines to enable
#sleep 2
#noip -i $NEWIP
#wait for NoIP to Finish
#NoIPpid="`/bin/ps aux | grep noip | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | tail -n 1`"
#if (test NoIPpid)
# then
# echo Waiting for Dynamic DNS on PID $NoIPpid to update...
# wait $NoIPpid

echo Goodbye.

#Execute any change-of-IP commands here.
#I kill hxd at this point.
#sudo /bin/kill -9 `/bin/ps aux | grep $ProgToKill | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'`

#It was reachable
echo $NEWIP was reachable. Trying next IP.
#the next IP to check was our starting point
if (test $START != "`cat ips | tail -n 1`")
echo All new IPs in \"ips\" were attempted and are in use.
echo Exiting.

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Reposting to correct HTML
Authored by: jluster on Apr 16, '02 12:11:44AM

This script is a bit ... well ... overly complicated. Why not just using a "for IP in `cat ${IPFILE}`" instead of the complicated mover routine? And why not simply make it a StartupItem and let it read the whole kaboozle from hostinfo, add a key named 'IP_ADDRESSES' and fill it with colon delimited values which you then split using cut, awk, sed, or something similar?

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Overly complicated scripting ;p
Authored by: evands on Apr 16, '02 12:55:28AM

For some purposes, that probably would be more elegant... the fashion of the script was needed because of the need I had to actually rotate through a list (rather than just searching it); if I run the script twice, I don't want to come up with the same IP.
Anyhoo, the important part is really the ipconfig and route stuff in the middle, which I certainly didn't find in any clear documentation anywhere (no man info on ipconfig, among other things)... the script was my own application of it. *shrug* took me a while to get working right, so I thought I'd share in case someone had a similar need.

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