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Problem Lies Elsewhere
Authored by: 128K Mac on Mar 31, '02 04:33:10AM

I suspect Jay has some problem relating to the file conversion from Word Perfect, strange as that may seem.

Word v. X will not allow you to name a file using "/" while in the application, but if you can rename it in the finder it will print with no problems. I just printed a new Word file renamed in the Finder containing four "/" characters and printed it as well as an old Word file (1989), an Excel file (1988), and a Multiplan file (1984) which all contained slashes. The three latter files were (I think) in Office 98 format when I opened them in Office X and had earlier obviously undergone one or two other conversions/upgrades.

Ever notice that Photoshop with its "save for the web" command will always change a "/" character in filename to "_" as a default? Why? That is not exactly a new command and Photoshop graphics saved with this command certainly predate the announcement of OS X. PS, btw, does not *require* you to accept the change. You can change the "_" characters back to "/".

For now.

I've read several places that the "/" character should not be used in OS X filename or dire results of some kind would occur. I finder copied (an estimated) 2,000 graphics files (out of 15,000) from OS9 to X that contained the date format of 03/01 (month, year) or 03/03/01 (day, month, year) at end of filename. I've opened and modified, etc. several hundred of these with GraphicConverter, MacGIMP, or other utils under X and seen no ill effects.

I suspect avoidance of the "/" does indeed have to do with *nix issues but that they predate OS X, but I also suspect they're somewhat obscure problems, problems that will not occur under many circumstances.

We'll see if Photoshop 7 allows me to name files with a "/." I'm guessing it *won't.* I just opened a 1997 Adobe PageMill 4.0 file renamed from index.html to i/n/d/e/x.html. Adobe GoLive 6 opened it without a hitch in OS X and printed it with no problem. But when I tried to "save as" the file it changed all the "/" to "_" and would *not* allow me to change them back to "/" ala Microsoft Office X.

/methinks OSX file names should not contain "/" but why I don't have a clue....... contribution to the confusion. :)

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Re: Photoshop Save For Web
Authored by: Paul Burney on Mar 31, '02 12:47:23PM
Ever notice that Photoshop with its "save for the web" command will always change a "/" character in filename to "_" as a default?

Most Web servers won't allow slashes in filenames because on the web, a slash indicates a directory. For example, the url:

tells the server to look at the root of the server docs in a directory named one, then in a directory named two, for a file named three.html. If your file were named two/three.html the server wouldn't find it because it's looking in the non-existant directory two for it instead of in directory one.

Since "Save for Web" is supposed to make files that you can serve over the web, of course they strip out the slash. Other things to avoid in filenames on the web include percent signs (%) and pound signs (#) which each have a special meaning on the web.

Hope that helps.

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