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Solution for broken iSync 2.1 support for Nokia NSeries N90/N70
Authored by: mlincoln on Nov 29, '05 12:23:49PM

Here's what fixed my iSync "unexplained error" problem on the N90 (Tiger 10.4.3, iSync 2.1.1, N90 firmware 3.0543.4.1 on a Powerbook G4 1.67 15 inch dual layer superdrive):

I reset the sync history on my iSync application (iSync menu, Preferences option, choose the advanced preference "Reset Sync history...."

After doing that, all worked as expected.

Briefly, I had always received an "unexplained error" from iSync despite appropriate changes to the XML file as explained previously on this thread. Then the breakthrough: I tried "reset devices from .Mac" in iSync and I noticed that iSync then successfully erased my single pre-existing contact from the N90 _and then_ gave the "unexplained error" and failed to proceed to copy anything new onto the phone. It thus seemed that iSync was successfully connecting to the N90 and doing part of the work (the reset device part) before failing. I then remembered the iSync preference to reset the _computer's_ sync history (as opposed to the "reset _devices_" option in the System's .Mac preferences pane). Resetting the computer's sync history in iSync preferences solved everything!

Therefore I suggest that those who are having problems with an iSync "unexplained error" try re-setting their _computer's_ sync history in the iSync preferences.

Best, Mike
ps--while I have a new Powerbook I had imported my data from the old one using Apple's utility. I strongly suspect that my old computer's sync history was imported as well. That was what I had to reset. I suspect that I would have avoided a problem if I'd stuck with a stock clean install, without importing any old data using the Apple utility.


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Solution for broken iSync 2.1 support for Nokia NSeries N90/N70
Authored by: mlincoln on Mar 25, '06 07:19:12AM

Hi, just adding a new problem and its resolution to the knowledgebase:

I had lost ability to sync my N90 after a system problem and archive & install of Mac OS 10.4 Tiger 10.4.5 on my dual layer PB G4 1.67 MHz. While I had re-hacked the metaclasses.plist and re-added the Nokia N90 tiff icon, iSync refused to recognize my N90. I could still add it to iSync in my wife's identical Powerbook, so the phone was apparently OK.

This was different than my previous problem described above. In this case iSync's Add Devices menu produced the resulting dialog "No devices found". When I deleted the N90 in Bluetooth paired devices and re-paired, I got the standard dialogs associated with pairing a phone (checkboxes to use for address book, use for iCal, etc). However, and here's a key difference: iSync never offered to download the iSync agent 1.01 to my phone (it will do this every time even if you've already installed iSync agent previously; the Mac can't tell). After completing this pairing, iSync would give me the "No devices found" dialog again.

I tried multiple things that didn't work before finding the solution: a re-re-archive and install of 10.4.5, deep cache cleaning using Tiger Cache Cleaner, repair permissions and prepindings using TCC, and deleting,, and from ~Library/Preferences. No effect.

Then I found the solution (at least for this case). After again deleting the pairings in Bluetooth, I searched for "N90" on my disk and found a ".phones" file in ~Library/Phones/Mike's I deleted this file and rebooted. After this, iSync behaves properly! When I pair, I get the dialog checkboxes to "use for ical" etc and upon finalizing the pairing the iSync agent downloads properly to the phone and iSync is automatically set up with a "Mike's N90" icon in the iSync "toolbar", and iSync works as expected.

Summary: If your iSync won't recognize the N90, delete your N90.phones file from ~Library/Phones/N90.phones (slight name differences possible).

Mike Lincoln


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