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10.4: About the Java SE 5.0 Release 3 update
Authored by: apenstaartje on Nov 16, '05 07:55:35AM

> Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, you should not modify anything (e.g. symbolic links) in the /System area of OS X to change the default to be Java 5.

As far as I now, you still have to, at least when you run java applications other then just applets in the browser.
For me, I use Eclipse a lot, and I have to recreate the symbolic link to 1.5 for it to work correctly (I run plugins that require 1.5).

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10.4: About the Java SE 5.0 Release 3 update
Authored by: raider on Nov 16, '05 08:45:02AM


Contrary to what you may have read in *this hint* you *do* have to change the symbolic links in your Java Home to use Java 5 with lots of applications.

The Java preferences panel is only for applets.

In an OSX Java application you can specify the Java version in the "Info.plist" file in the application bundle, but for some reasons this is ignored by some applications.

They only way to get Java 1.5 to run applications with certainty, is to change the symlink in your Java Home.

However - that *does* change your default Java installation to 1.5....

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Use 1.5 with eclipse without changing /System
Authored by: rselph on Nov 16, '05 10:33:50AM
There is a way to get around this for eclipse in particular.

In a terminal, do this:

cd /Applications/eclipse/
ln -s /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5/Home jre

Eclipse searches in ./jre first for its jvm, so this will start it up in 1.5 always. You can also put this link in /Applications/eclipse if you want the command line invocation to work the same way.

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Use 1.5 with eclipse without changing /System
Authored by: adrianm on Nov 16, '05 10:52:31AM
Another way is to edit the file to include:

at the top, along with any other vm args you might want.

Strangely, these args also exist in the Info.plist, but are seemingly ignored. I guess the eclipse people didn't bother to read up on OSX app bundles :-)

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Eclipse preferences
Authored by: hayne on Nov 16, '05 10:47:19AM

Are you saying that you tried changing Eclipse's own preferences so that it would use Java 1.5 (as recommended in the article) but it didn't work?

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Eclipse preferences
Authored by: raider on Nov 16, '05 11:06:37AM

Yes. (See the other posts).

I don't see what the big fuss is anyway. Java 5 has been out for a very long time. It is backward compatible with 1.4, and is much faster and lighter....

I would say it is better to have 1.5 as the default, and only switch the apps that it breaks to use 1.4

I have yet to have an app break under 5 in Tiger , and I use many Java apps...

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10.4: About the Java SE 5.0 Release 3 update
Authored by: adriansutton on Nov 16, '05 01:48:43PM

You *never* need to modify the /System folder for Java. To get Eclipse to use Java 1.5, edit it's Info.plist inside the application bundle. The eclipse developers on the Apple java-dev list have outlined this process a number of times.

Better yet, don't run Eclipse on Java 1.5, it provides you with no advantages and it's generally more stable on Java 1.4 - which is why it specifically requests Java 1.4. You can still develop your applications within Eclipse using Java 1.5 and run your applications from within Eclipse under Java 1.5 by using Eclipse's preferences.

Do not modify the /System directory, it will cause you trouble when upgrading.

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10.4: About the Java SE 5.0 Release 3 update
Authored by: raider on Nov 29, '05 10:14:54AM

Eclipse is not the only Java application you know. There are lots of Java applications that do not honor OSXs method of chosing the JVM.

And you say that there is no advantage of using Eclipse under Java 1.5? Well, except faster startup times, and lower memory consumption. But hey - who needs those, right?

You say Eclipse is unstable under Java 1.5? Hmmm. Not a single problem for me yet. But I only use it every day all day long, so I might not have hit anything yet....

You say that changing things in the /System path will screw up updates? Like what? Can you be specific? Because as far as I have seen, since OSX 10.0.4 there have been lots of things that you are able to change under the /System path... Sure - you *can* cause problems, but this change with regards to Java will not cause problems. There are all sorts of things under /System that power users will work with. Preference Panes. Modem Scripts. Startup Items. Fonts. etc etc etc. Java is another one...

What is the hangup? The whole reason the thing USES A SYMLINK in the FIRST PLACE is to allow it to be changed.... That is the whole point.

You keep spouting doom and gloom - while those of us who use it every day have yet to run into any problems. Not that there will never be - but I have read the forums linked to, and I have played around with all the .plist files and whatnot - and the easiest, most consistant, and most effective way is to modify the Symlink. Period. Nothing else guarantees I will use Java 1.5 with all my applications.

So to people reading this - there are clearly two prevailing thoughts on this matter. I have not had a single problem changing the Symlink since the first betas of Java 1.5 came out. I did however have problems getting all sorts of applications to use Java 1.5 until I did change the Symlink.

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