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Instantly restart a server or workstation each day
Authored by: lurch99 on Oct 18, '05 10:40:35AM

Then let me ask: what devices do you have connected to your server? Do you have an extra machine you can do a clean install on, to see if you can duplicate the problem? My guess is a hardware problem if you're truly not seeing it in the logs. I'm on the OS X Server mailing list and I've not heard of anyone else with your problem, so I would be hesitant to conclude its a bug in the OS. Don't give up and conclude you've reached the end of the road in terms of troubleshooting, it's often something you've overlooked ag ain and again. Have you tested your RAM? Did you buy third party RAM from the same company and installed the same chips in both machines? These are (some) of the questions you need to ask...

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Instantly restart a server or workstation each day
Authored by: TigerKR on Oct 18, '05 10:21:57PM

I have previously stated that I have experienced identical behavior on two separate machines, both with identical hardware and software configurations. However, the two machines are in two separate physical locations and they are working off of two separate ISPs.

So to answer your question - yes, I have duplicated the problem. I did not clone the machines, they were wiped and installed fresh individually (albeit with the same procedures).

The only devices that I have attached to the computer(s) are a a broadband modem, a 10/100 ethernet switch, an apple keyboard, an apple mouse, and LCD monitor.

I also considered a hardware issue, however, everything was working fine (with both machines) before I upgraded them to Tiger. Its a little odd that both computers would suddenly develop a hardware issue exactly after being (wiped and ) updated to Tiger. I wish that I could downgrade, but alas, I cannot.

Again, as I had previously stated, I tried changing RAM, repairing permissions, running Disk Warrior, Drive Genius, zapping the PRAM, etc. I have also run Techtool Pro, moved the RAM around, swapped it in and out, etc...

By the way, I am not running Mac OS X Server.

I think that I have already not only asked those questions, but also answered them too.

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Instantly restart a server or workstation each day
Authored by: lurch99 on Oct 19, '05 09:52:55AM

TigerKR, I hear you but I still don't think the problem is with the Tiger OS.

Your original note says you are running server, so I'm confused. How else are you running DNS services? And DHCP? Are you building these yourself?

You need to be totally scientific about this. I admin more than 50 Tiger/Panther clients and three servers, why haven't I had this problem? Or why haven't I seen this on the Apple mailing lists, either? If you think this is a bug that others are experiencing, too, I have found zero evidence of that.

In short, either scripting or manually restarting your server on a daily or weekly basis is a totally impractical solution, and I'm sure Apple will not figure out your problem since it doesn't sound like you're terribly clear on what the problem is, and how to fix it...


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Instantly restart a server or workstation each day
Authored by: TigerKR on Oct 19, '05 10:22:49AM

From the original hint: "Among other things, I administer two identical servers located in different locations on different LANs. They're running Mac OS X 10.4.2 client w/all updates..."

DNS is handled by Mice & Men Suite 5, and DHCPD is handled by the darwin-ports build isc-dhcpd-V3.0.2. That is the only darwin-port I have installed.

Are any of the machines that you admin Blue and White G3 towers? I don't have a problem with Tiger on any of the other computers that I administer, but they're all G4s and they aren't running DNS, DHCPD, IPFW2, nor NATD.

Just yesterday I swapped out a Blue and White tower for a Quicksilver G4 (single processor). I will try removing the daily restart on the G4 tower to see if it was a problem with the OS in relation to the old hardware.

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