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Re: What's so terrible about it
Authored by: AaronAdams on Oct 12, '05 01:54:55PM
I disagree. Spotlight is not a tool that should require knowledge of the command-line, or third-party utilities, in order to be used or useful.
It doesn't. The problems you've described here don't require any kind of command line intervention. I agree that unfinished or corrupted indexes are a problem, and those errors should be handled better, but they don't make Spotlight "terrible" and they don't require the command line to fix. Indexes can be removed and rebuilt via the GUI.

Spotlight should "just work" for most people, in most instances,
It does.
and for many it does not.
And for most it does.
There are many power users who are frustrated with Spotlight. Just because you are not one of them (and there are a number of reasons why that might be) does not make it untrue.
Again, because some user(s) (power users in this case) want something different than what Spotlight provides doesn't make Spotlight "terrible". It makes it possibly not useful to some people, but not "terrible". I've never asserted that anyone's problems were untrue. I've stated that just because some users have problems doesn't mean that Spotlight is "terrible". The author of the original hint states "Spotlight is terrible" as his first line of the story without any supporting evidence and questionable relevance to the hint.
It is, indeed, a "mark against Spotlight" that it can't work properly without constant supervision.
Yes it can, and it does.
So maybe you should learn a bit about the limitations of a technology before you take a condescending attitude towards others who are having real, documented problems.
I know plenty about the limitations of technology, and I know plenty about the limitations of users. I'm asking for some kind of reproducible and objectively verified set of problems with Spotlight that rise to the definition of "terrible". You've explained a problem here - Spotlight's indexing behavior. While I agree that it certainly is an issue, that single issue is far away from making the entire scope of Spotlight technology "terrible".

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Spotlight still has a ways to go...
Authored by: Hal Itosis on Oct 12, '05 02:10:26PM

Hey Aaron,

Can you stop cluttering this tip with useless chatter?
(Start a thread in the forums if you want to preach).

Please? Thanks.


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Spotlight still has a ways to go...
Authored by: dave1212 on Oct 14, '05 02:09:28AM

you must have meant to post a reply to the parent, and got the name wrong too. Opinionated bashing of a technology is pointless in the articles provided here, and on top of wasting reading time, provokes others to respond in kind.

Yes, discussions about relevant issues should be brought to the forum, but when deliberate misinformation is posted in the comments (or in the article) here it either needs to be corrected or edited. I doubt the strongly opinionated persons in this thread (anti-Spotlight, for voodoo reasons, won't listen to others' opinions) are about to comment in the forum, since it would seem to lessen the impact of their statements compared to making them here on the main site.

Perhaps the machines in question have other issues. It's too easy to blame on Spotlight. Ignoring the pointless bias in saying 'Spotlight is terrible' , this hint is quite useful overall, it will be nice to have all that is listed on hand for quick editing.

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Spotlight still has a ways to go...
Authored by: raider on Oct 14, '05 10:57:47AM
I am the original author, and here I will defend my statements. First of all, you and Aaron seem to have not got past the "Spotlight is terrible." and never made it to the "But at the same time, very useful. Let's hope Apple cleans it up a bit in a future release."

Spotlight *is* terrible. For crying out loud, there are 700 hints on this site alone trying to make it work better. Search the web and you will find thousands of people talking about the problems they have with spotlight.

An Apple product should be cleaner, simpler, and more consistant. PERIOD.

Some people claim there is no problem with speed. While *I* have not experienced any problems with speed, it would be silly for me to claim that there are no problems, simply because of the massive numbers of people who claim otherwise. This is not like the "iPod battery" issues where there were tiny numbers of people speaking loudly. This is a good 25% of the spotlight discussions revolve around people having issues with it's performance. This area needs improvement.

Spotlight's interface is terrible. It just simply is. It is inconsistant, acting one way in the Finder, a different way in Mail, and yet another way in the Spotlight app itself. And to get it to do what you want is undocumented and confusing. It just is. Maybe YOU don't find it confusing, but when you look around and tons of people are having a hard time getting it to work right or find what they want - that is enough evidence to say Apple can do better. Did you see the special presentation for the new iMac and iPod with video? Steve puts up the slide showing the Microsoft media center remote control with 50 buttons and compares it to the FrontRow remote control with 6 buttons, and he says "This slide more than anything shows what Apple is all about. Well my friends - Spotlight is like the 50 button remote, and half the buttons are not labled and the other half don't do what they say...

And finally - Spotlight results are inconsistant. I don't know why - but it needs to be fixed. I can get different search results on the same search two times in a row... I have a smart folder that I set up. It found all the images I wanted it to find. Then I added two more to the source folder, and tagged them appropriately - and the smart folder will NOT find them. I have forced a re-index of the source folder. I have restarted Finder, and restarted the machine. The smart folder will not "see" the two that I added. They have the exact same comments as the other images that the smart folder finds fine. In fact I even tried copying the comments directly from a working image into the others, and no luck. WHY THE HELL IS THIS? Is this a "smart" folder? No. This is a pain in the ass.

Spotlight has a hell of a lot of potential. It does. And it curently *can* be used well, as many of the hints here help out. But Absolutely Apple needs to improve it..

Something Apple touts as being so great - should be much more polished than Spotlight.

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