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Reboot after shutdown?
Authored by: iRideSnow on Oct 11, '05 02:18:43PM

As someone mentioned above, are there any UPS's that will restart your computer after it has been shut down by the UPS?

I have a reasonably new APC UPS with the PowerChute software. Works great. Except for when it actually shuts the computer down because the power has been out long enough. The problem is it doesn't reboot the system after the power comes back online. This doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

Oddly enough, OS X lets you specify "restart automatically after power failure" in the Energy Saver preference pane. But this only applies if you DON'T gracefully shut down the computer first. If you do the "right thing" and have your UPS shut down, you have to manually restart the system. Sucks!

So, anyone know any UPS Software which will do this?


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Reboot after shutdown?
Authored by: axello on Oct 11, '05 03:39:49PM
This is a tricky and interesting problem. I also thought about the 'Restart automatically' feature at first. However, I see problems in any implementation:

1a) UPS shuts down Mac and starts up computer through its USB interface. Unfortunately Apple in its infinite wisdom decided to remove the startup button functionality from the USB bus in the models from the past couple of years.
1b) UPS shuts down Mac, and just before the last shutdown item from Apple which hopefully triggers the nvram clock chip (or whichever chip causes the auto-startup), a specially written shutdown program halts the system horribly. Think system freeze. Then, when the power finally fails, the system isn't damaged, the HD is already nicely parked and the computer is shut off.
The autostart feature would work automagically when power is restored. And the normal manual shutdown would also still work.
Problem: when the power goes up again before the power fails completely, the computer is still in the frozen state and is utterly useless. The UPS should detect this and handle accordingly: kill the power mercilessly and restore power after a while (...)

Can anyone think of clean solutions?

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Reboot after shutdown?
Authored by: mike666 on Oct 11, '05 08:59:45PM

The only thing I can think of is a solenoid with a circuit that triggers it once and only when its power source goes from 0 to 110V. You could rig a strap to go around your machine and keep it placed over your power button. If you had a Cube or an older ADC display you could use a similar circuit with an infrared LED or something which would trigger the touch switch. These are all I can think of that wouldn't void your warranty...

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This Can (sort of) Be Done
Authored by: Makosuke on Oct 12, '05 03:30:18PM

This actually can be done, as such:

The "Restart after power failure" option will reboot the computer any time AC power goes away then returns... INCLUDING when the computer is off. That is, if you turn that option on, shut down your computer, then pull the plug and put it back, it'll start up again without pushing the button.

And, since some UPS software (sadly not OSX's built-in feature) allows you to power down the UPS after X minutes (one assumes after the computer has had sufficient time to shut down), which in turn cuts AC to the computer, once the utility is restored and the UPS turns itself back on, the computer would also restart automatically.

Again, this would require a UPS that can turn itself both off and on based on a timer and utility back up, respectively, as well as Mac-compatible software that is compatible with it, but if you can find both of those things (which should be possible--I'm pretty sure APC UPSes and their software offer these features, for example--then you can have your computer come back up automatically after a power failure.

The only time it wouldn't work would be if the power came back on after the computer had begun to shut down but before the UPS had turned itself off...

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This Can (sort of) Be Done
Authored by: argh128 on Dec 15, '05 05:37:08AM

Or, just leave something with reasonable amount of power consumption on the UPS port...

The computer shuts down, but the remaining attached device still draws power, eventually killing the UPS. As long as power doesn't come back on in the intervening time, this should get around the timer. Of course, if the unit had a timer, and the power came on in between it would STILL have the same issue.


A completely SANE Canadian.

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