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Modify iTunes ID3 tags and fileds for better organization
Authored by: fractacular on Sep 05, '05 10:39:02AM

First, rest assured, all those who wish to condemn me to hell -- I would never submit to CDDB using my system.

Second, everyone has overlooked a very important aspect: automatic file system organization. I use a file-system based MP3 player, not one that operates by ID3 tags. I also get new music at least once a week, most of which is classical. This means that, were I to use the prescribed tagging system, or any system described here ("The existing tools, luke"), I would have to manually move all my files around. iTunes does artist folder/album folder for its file system. I want composer/work for my classical music. The only way to get that done automatically is to put the composer in the artist field. The existing tools don't get the job done -- I create a way to get around that. Sounds pretty familiar in the computing field, no? If everybody used the existing tools, we'd be at DOS 1.0 doing everything in VisiCalc...

Someone mentioned that they put the composer in the artist field AND the composer field -- this is a waste of information, the doubling is unnecessary. Further, by putting the performer in the comments field, you'll never be able to see it as you browse your music in iTunes or anywhere else. This means you won't be able to distinguish between, say, the Cleveland recording of Heldenleben vs. the Berlin recording. I see my solution as optimally using the fields available, while providing for automatic file organization and iTunes organization -- I don't have to switch my sorting column from artist to composer when I switch between browsing pop and classical music.

Consider also that other than some Mahler symphonies and other huge works, nearly all classical CDs have more than one work on them, and thus classify as compilations. Why should I be forced to remember that my recording of Fingal's Cave is on an album titled "Mendelssohn: Symphony 3 and 4". That's total bull-[crap].

So it doesn't make any sense to put the actual album name if you EVER organize by album and consider individual works w/ more than one track instead to be the organizing factor. When I want Ein Heldenleben, I don't wish to search for "Strauss: Tone Poems", nor will I look there if I organize by album. Instead I will search for "Ein Heldenleben", and the album field is the perfect place to put that, whether or not Death & Transfiguration came on the same CD.

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Modify iTunes ID3 tags and fileds for better organization
Authored by: silentway on Mar 27, '06 11:22:54AM
(arriving a bit late at this party, but...)

If you'd like to keep your files organized in a folder structure other than the automatic Apple method, it can be done pretty easily with AppleScript. These scripts allow you to move files around based on track info:

And it's easily modifiable. I used the above as a basis to create this, which moves selected files to folders based on Genre:

More here:

This might give you an easy way to avoid non-standard ID3 tag headaches.

(And, IMO, I agree with the folks who implore everyone to abide by one ID3 tag standard. Like it or not, the iTunes method is the best we've got. If you want to get creative, do it in the comments field, filename or finder folders.)

Tony Brooke
OS X 10.4.5, G5/1.8 iMac, 1.5GB RAM

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