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Oh, dynamic IP!
Authored by: ellen west on Mar 08, '02 08:36:41PM

Well, my last post wont work then! I've just set up Firewalk to deny all connections except my smtp, mail and news servers. Works ok so far. If there's an easier way can someone post simple (not new to Mac, but new to OSX/Unix) instructions - using Firewalk preferably. Thanks.

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Oh, dynamic IP!
Authored by: 128K Mac on Mar 08, '02 11:41:04PM


There may be several different issues at play and I too have not yet found that right "combination" with Firewalk X 1.x. (As I understand it the interface for 2.x gives it much more power, but also makes it a good deal more difficult to use.)


1. Does the "network" use static or dynamic IP(s)?

2. Is the "network" merely one Mac and one DSL/cable modem or does it consist of two or more Macs plus modem?

3. Not quite an OS X issue, but many users of Linux, FreeBSD, et al jump into these threads and what works for those flavors of *nix doesn't necessarily work for OS X. (witness some of the comments in this topic).

I started beating this horse in Dec. You'll find posts from me elsewhere in other similar topics on MacOS X Hints. This one summarizes what I believe to be the issues for my setup.

By now everyone knows, or is finding out quickly, that the "slow-to-quit" (or never quit; must force quit problem) is related to the Microsoft PUD which "checks" for duplicate serial numbers on a "network."

The result of this "check" on a "network" like mine (static DSL; one Mac and one modem; OS X) is that I have to wait for the "check" to time out and quit, allowing the app(s) to quit, because it finds no other Macs at all and just hangs. This for some reason seems to work differently on a "network" with more than one Mac. (??)

In recent correspondence with the Firewalk X support, and I encourage you to write them giving them all relevant information, they suggest that blocking ingoing and outgoing TCP and UDP for Port 2222. Haven't gotten roun' tuit. This is identical (I think) to a command line "fix" which was posted on the daily news page of MacFixIt six weeks (?) ago. Using it with my config simply prevented the apps from ever quitting.

MacFixIt has extensive discussions on this issue as well but they, like the ones here, confuse me further. My impression is that there's not a universal cure all, for DSL and dialup, for the two "types" of networks as I've defined them, and also not if other flavors of *nix are involved.

BTW, I tried the "lowest level" and "middle level" (recommended) default settings of Firewalk X. Didn't work. The M$ pud "slow-to-quit" problem is present with both (plus QT streaming is blocked with either setting).

Have also purchased and tried Intego's NetBarrier. Am unimpressed. I don't feel comfortable using it (although the PUD problem is gone attempts to tweak about anything seem to lead to another issue) and I wouldn't trust the Symantec product either.

Have tried using Apple's Console as an aid to trouble shooting with no luck, but was encouraged to try again by Firewalk X tech support.

Am rather burned out on the whole issue presently. Hope these comments may help point you in right direction. I think dealing with the three issues I've suggested are all valid in searching for an individual solution.


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