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Authored by: beef on Mar 04, '02 04:21:33AM

well, I guess nobody's really satisfied with any of the browsers out there...

and everytime a new one (or just a new version of existing one) comes out, I give it a try... and... well...

I just wish there was a way to share bookmarks between IE, Omniweb, Mozilla, etc... does anyone know a way, or have a suggestion?

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Authored by: j3f on Mar 04, '02 07:12:15AM


I had this problem too. When I first started using OSX I was constantly switching browsers. I ended up using html pages of links instead of a given browser's bookmarks system. Most OSX browsers already save their bookmarks as html files anyway and the ones that do not have an export feature.

I now use OmniWeb 4.1 (sneakypeaks) exclusively and have 3 html files from Icab, IE and Mozilla that I bounce between. OmniWeb has the ability to open any html file as a bookmark file ("View links as bookmarks" in the context menu) but I don't even do that most of the time. I rarely have more than one browser window open.

Regarding Chimera, I would have to agree with other posters that tabbed browsing would be my most preferred way of browsing. I used to use Opera 6 on Windows. Handling multiple overlapping browser windows does not work for me. But until Chimera can do everything that OmniWeb can do, I won't even consider switching. I know OmniWeb is not perfect. For instance, it can be slow in rendering pages with huge tables and doesn't have have tabbed windows support; but for me it does so many things so well, I can live with its shortcomings.

Hopefully Chimera will continue to be actively developed and help raise the bar for all OSX browsers.


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Authored by: jo5_h on Mar 04, '02 08:04:20AM

why not just use your Favorites folder? when you're on a page you wish to bookmark, drag the URL from the location bar to your desktop or a Finder window, and you'll get a new URL favorite. once this is created, file it wherever you'd like, as you don't actually have to keep it in the Favorites folder unless this is convenient for you. want to change your default browser? go ahead and change it in your internet prefs, and all URL favorites will automatically open in said browser. want to open a favorite in something other than your default browser? drag it into the respective location bar or document window. this is how i've handled managing my own bookmarks between IE and Netscape/Mozilla since OS 8.x. :]

- jo5_h

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Try Bookit
Authored by: garret on Mar 05, '02 01:58:57PM
Bookit lets you organize and and write bookmarks to several of the browsers out there.

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