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10.4: Avoid a Spotlight Command-F search issue
Authored by: vegangeek on May 26, '05 12:16:27PM

I just tested with List and Icon views on 10.4.1 (as well as my normal column view), and in all cases, the currently open folder in whatever view I'm in comes up as a location option when performing a command-F

Open a new window, click on hard drive in sidebar
Change to icon(or list) view
double click on a folder to open
-- repeat as deep as you'd like to go

Spotlight find 'folder' opens with open folder as option on Spotlight location bar

not sure what it could be making this not work for others, although to be completely clear, it's the OPEN folder, not a folder just clicked on (highlighted) that comes up as the option. I ran across this when I first installed tiger, but once I figured it out, it all Just Worked™


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10.4: Avoid a Spotlight Command-F search issue
Authored by: JimAkin on May 26, '05 02:52:11PM

After a little investigation, I've concluded that Tiger's Command-F behavior is weird, but not inconsistent, and much of its behavior depends on the presence or absence of open Finder windows.

When no Finder windows are open, typing Command-F in the Finder yields the same result whether the "Always open folders in a new window" preference is on or off: a New Search window containing the target-location buttons "Servers," "Computer," "Home," and "Others...", with Home selected as the default location. If you've specified something other than "Home" in the Finder's "New Finder windows open..." preference, that appears on a fifth target-location button, and it's the default selection.

If you've got one or more Finder windows open, Command-F behavior depends in part on the "Always open folders in a new window" Finder preference. As described in the Hint, on a system with the preference turned on, typing Command-F in the Finder has the same effect as when no Finder windows are open.

However, with the "Always open folders in a new window" preference turned off (Tiger's default), the folder displayed in the frontmost Finder window always appears as the default target location in a New Search window.

Weirdness ensues from the fact that this is true whether or not the front Finder window is active when you type Command-F. If you're digging through your hard drive and decide to search a particular folder; you expect Command-F to target a New Search on that location. But if you do ad-hoc searches by clicking the Desktop and typing Command-F, you're unlikely to recognize that a hidden or obscured Finder window determines the New Search's default target location.

A final twist concerns the behavior of New Search windows that are open when you type Command F in the Finder: If a standard Finder window is frontmost, New Search windows behind it perisist when Command-F brings up a new New Search window. But if you type Command-F in the Finder when a New Search window is the frontmost Finder window, that window pops to the foreground and its default target location changes to the system hard drive. If that front New Search window is obscured and you click the Desktop and Command-F, your New Search looks newly opened, but aimed at yet another seemingly arbitrary target location.

All of this is confusing and weird, but it's too consistent to be a bug, even though it's hard to recognize it as such.


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Not true at all, it's consitently inconsistent
Authored by: SOX on May 27, '05 10:29:06AM

You're simply reporting what you see on your machine. In fact the behaviour is weirdly inconsistent on many machines. I have tested it on several and the behaviour varies. On one computer I have it alwaya works the way you would expect. command F brings up a search window with the folder you are in listed as a search point and selected by default.

However on the machine I am typing this on weird things happen. If I am in column view then pressing command-F pulls up the search window with the selected folder listd at the top, but it is NOT selected by default. ("computer" is selcted). And if I am in icon or list view then the current folder is NOT even shown at the top. Also if I am in column view and I got there not by navigating down from the top but by clicking on the sidebar (e.g. pictures) then again the current folder does not appear in the list.

It's buggy.

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