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10.4: Be aware of a Calculator widget bug
Authored by: diamondsw on May 24, '05 11:57:32AM

No, this is a bug. Mathematical order of operations does not change because some insanely poorly done calculator doesn't support it, or because you don't like it. Math such as this is not open to debate or preference - it is wrong, and should be fixed.

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10.4: Be aware of a Calculator widget bug
Authored by: pwagenet on May 24, '05 12:46:40PM

This is not a bug. As has been said before it behaves like all $5 calculators that calculate numbers as they are given. Cheap calculators do not remember long equation strings they only deal with opertations between two numbers at a time. When you enter this equation into a cheap calculator, it can only deal with numbers in the order that they are given so 1 + 2 = 3 then 3 x 3 = 9. This is fairly obvious and has always been the way cheap calculators work. If you want a more advanced calculator then you pay for it. Here you can just use the actual app. That said, this behavior is very easily noticed, there's no way that Apple could have accidentally missed this behavior if it was not intended.


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10.4: Be aware of a Calculator widget bug
Authored by: DocMan on May 24, '05 01:47:02PM

Actually with a cheap $5 calculator, you cannot enter a complex calculation and have it evaluate the entire calculation at once. Such calculators are only capable of evaluating two operands with a single operator. So it's not possible to enter 1 + 2 * 3.

Any calculator where is is possible to enter multiple operators and construct complex calculations MUST evaluate the calculation according to the established rules of mathematical heirarchy.

That said, I haven't played with the widget calculator, so I don't know which class of calculator it falls into.


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10.4: Be aware of a Calculator widget bug
Authored by: sbieniek on May 24, '05 02:12:25PM

I believe it works like the old skool CPA calculators (The ones with the little receipt rolls), you have all seen them.

Anyone who has had an advanced math course will be driven batty by them, the way they make you enter complex calcuations. Basically, any time you enter a calculation, 5+5 and then hit the "*" key, it acts as an "=" key before performing your calculation. So the calculator does the math, (in this case =10, and awaits your input for the multiplication)

In this instance...the calculator is assuming you are smart enough to recognize the order of operations, and are giving the input accordingly. If you want your calculator to do more than that, then pick up a more advanced version. I believe someone has already said this widget was designed to balance your checkbook. It is truly a sad day that people need a calculator for that, but that is for another debate. I would imagine a calculator that interprets your input for you would take up far more valuable RAM than many are willing to give it...but then again, you probably need the calculator to figure out just how much RAM it would actually need. :)

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