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An OS X keyboard shortcut reference
Authored by: cynikal on Apr 23, '05 01:24:19PM

No fancy document, just a collection of keystrokes i've acquired over the years..

as a matter of fact, every person i convert to the mac (there've been dozens) since i converted myself, this is the first thing i put on their mac.. most people seem to not really care and either don't read it or eventually delete it.. it's a breathe of fresh air for a new mac user to actually want to know this kind of stuff..

so without further adieu.. here's my list.. it has most of the stuff other people's have, plus a few that most people don't know about..

List of keystrokes to help you get the most out of your mac

# application switching keystrokes
opt+click on icon (of running app) in dock = hide app in front of app clicked on dock
opt+click inside app window = hide app in front of app click on
opt+cmd+click on dock icon = hide all other apps
opt+cmd+click inside app window = hide all other apps

# dialog specific keystrokes
cmd+d (in open dialog) = open desktop
cmd+d (in save/discard/cancel dialog) = discard

# mac controlling keystrokes
cmd+e = eject media (only useful during/after start up chime)
cmd+opt+eject = sleep
cmd+ctrl+eject = graceful restart
cmd+opt+ctrl+eject = graceful shutdown
cmd+ctrl+power = immediate restart (dangerous, should only be used if your system is frozen though we know how rare that is)

# navigational keystrokes
opt+scrollbar = jump to exact scrollbar location
opt+scrollbar arrows = scroll page at a time (page up/down)

# window manipulation keystrokes
cmd+expose command = slow motion expose
shift+minimize button = slow motion minimize (works in un-minimize direction too)
opt+minimize button = minimize all windows (of current app)
opt+close button = closes all windows (of current app)
cmd+drag on title bar = move any window around without changing focus to it first

# general, yet essential app keystrokes
cmd+q = quit
cmd+o = open file
cmd+i = get info (on current selected object/file/dir)
cmd+n = new window/document
cmd+s = save
cmd+m = minimize
cmd+h = hide app (ctrl+cmd+h in photoshop since cmd+h is reserved)
cmd+opt+h = hide OTHER apps (useful to show desktop if you cmd+tab to finder first - thanks go to Zeca Moraes)

# app switching keystrokes
cmd+tab = toggle back to previous app
cmd+tab then q (while still holding cmd) = close other app (w/o switching to it)
cmd+tab then h (while still holding cmd) = hide other app (w/o switching to it)

# screen shots
cmd+shift+3 = take a screenshot (at any time) of the entire screen
cmd+shift+4 = draw selection for a screenshot

# finder specific keystrokes
cmd+down = open
cmd+up = up to parent dir (cd ..)
cmd+double-click folder icon = open in new window
opt+drag file/folder = explicit copy (when it may possibly move instead if destation and source are on same volume)
cmd+drag file/folder = explicit move (when it may possibly move instead if destation and source are on different volume)
cmd+opt+drag file/folder = create link
cmd+i = get info (on current selected object/file/dir)
cmd+shift+A = open Application Folder
cmd+shift+U = open Utility Folder
cmd+shift+H = open Home Folder
cmd+shift+G = go to DIR (in tiger, in a dialog box, beginning a filename with a / does the same)
cmd+shift+N = create new folder and name it something
cmd+shift+K = go to network
cmd+k = connect to server (tiger now has servers in recent items menu in apple menu)
cmd+~ = cycle window (including desktop)

# dock specific keystrokes
cmd+drag (to/through dock) = keeps icons on dock from moving "out of the way" (useful for when dragging stuff to trash)
cmd+opt+d = hide/show dock (should work while in any app)

# terminal (something i use a lot of) specific keystroke
cmd+double-click on a URL in Terminal = url grab / open in default browser (way cool for text-based chat channels :-)
cmd+opt+shift+s = save selected text
cmd+left/right arrow = switch windows
cmd+1 or 2 or 3.. = switch to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc window

--------- this list put together by cynikal.. for more corrections and contributions, please email me at
---end snip---

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An OS X keyboard shortcut reference
Authored by: qwerty denzel on Apr 26, '05 07:56:40AM

Also, useless, I know, but it's not there: Control+Eject = bring up shutdown panel.

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