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Smart playlists to the rescue.
Authored by: pheed on Apr 13, '05 02:11:50PM
The fact that everything you EVER listen to in iTunes is added to your Library has always annoyed me. The first thing I do with a fresh installation of iTunes is uncheck the box in Advanced Preferences which copies the song into the Library Folder. If I listen to a file just for a laugh, I don't want a copy hanging out on my drive. Of course an entry for that file is still created in the Library list.

Which brings me to an epiphany I had not too long ago. I could filter the "junk" out of the Library by using Smart Playlists. Every song that I care about will ultimately get added to my iPod. So I decided to add the word "iPod" to the Grouping field in the ID tags of the songs. In my experience the Grouping field is almost never used in the real world.

So now I have a Smart Playlist that only includes songs with the word "iPod" in the Grouping field. Auto-sync of the iPod is now much easier and whenever I want to sit at my computer and listen to music (not junk), I just shuffle up the iPod playlist.

Since I've started using this feature I've become addicted to Smart Playlists. I have smart playlists for Comedy, Children's music and Christmas music among others. Eventually when I fill my iPod, I've already created an iPod Overflow list for that purpose.


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Smart playlists to the rescue.
Authored by: JonLaliberte on Apr 13, '05 03:22:58PM

On this note, I have done something somewhat similar. I have a bunch of music that I don't want played normally. So I created a normal playlist called "Songs that suck", then a smart playlist called "Good Library" which only has songs that aren't in the songs that suck playlist. Further I created a Good Library 0 Plays which only has songs I haven't listened to yet. I have that list selected in the party shuffle and using Keyboard Maestro I setup a key combo which runs an Applescript which moves the currently playing track to the "Songs that suck" playlist, then plays the next track. It's working out rather well and in a few weeks I should only have songs I like in the "Good Library".

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Smart playlists to the rescue.
Authored by: leenoble_uk on Apr 13, '05 03:52:00PM

I have a script in my iTunes menu which will allow me to quickly add keywords to any song or selection of songs.
Then I just have a bunch of smart playlists for each of the keywords. You can add as many keywords to the list as you like, I usually have a lot more than shown here:

tell application "iTunes"
	set theAddedCommentList to {"Rock", "Pop", "Folk", "Metal", "Punk", "Kitsch", "Comedic", "Guitar", "Piano", "Instrumental", "Upbeat", "RESET"}
	set these_tracks to the selection of browser window 1
	if these_tracks is {} then
		set this_track to current track
		set these_tracks to these_tracks & {this_track}
	end if
	set theComment to (choose from list theAddedCommentList with prompt ("Select a keyword to add. Current filters: "))
	repeat with the_track in these_tracks
		if theComment is not false then
			set newcomment to (comment of the_track) & " " & theComment
			set newcomment to (comment of the_track)
		end if
		if theComment is "RESET" then
			set newcomment to ""
		end if
		set (comment of the_track) to newcomment
	end repeat
end tell

The script is fairly unrefined as I'm not sure the rest command works.

You should also check out this posting over at codepoetry which has a nice idea for organising your music.

So, I said ... well, I can't actually remember exactly what I said. But it was one of the most enormously cruel and frighteningly witty put downs ever.

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Smart playlists to the rescue.
Authored by: GalainHH on Apr 14, '05 03:56:17AM

Excellent. I recently switched from normal to smart Playlists and had to edit each song by hand. This Script is a great improvement for this.

Thank you


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