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Sounds a bit drastic
Authored by: gidds on Mar 18, '05 11:00:14AM
I've seen files disappearing in the Finder, too, but only very occasionally, and from inside a folder which was itself on my Desktop, not from the Desktop directly.

For me, the problem seemed to occur when the folder was currently open in the Finder, and a background app wrote or moved files there; the Finder wouldn't spot the extra file, not even after closing and reopening the folder.

I don't remember exactly how I fixed it, but it wasn't anything as drastic as deleting the folder!  I think I tried removing the .DS_Store file, and then quitting and restarting the Finder.  (You'll need to have enabled the Finder's Quit option, with something like TinkerTool.)  Basically, you have to persuade the Finder to rescan the folder somehow.

Of course, certain files are hidden from the Finder deliberately: those starting with a dot, those with the Invisible HFS attribute, those listed in a .hidden file in that folder, and probably where permissions on the folder don't allow listing files &c.  So you won't get it to display those whatever you do!


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Sounds a bit drastic
Authored by: jporten on Mar 18, '05 11:18:02AM

You can quit the Finder by option-control clicking on the Finder icon in the Dock and choosing "Relaunch."

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Sounds a bit drastic
Authored by: BTFrank on Mar 18, '05 03:08:46PM

I'm the poster. I created an account because I just wanted to say that in my case I had also tried deleting the .ds_store. Of course, I had hoped that would work. Unfortunately in my case I had to delete his whole folder.

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Sounds a bit drastic
Authored by: The_Clicker on Mar 21, '05 07:35:01AM
I'll have to go along with Gidds. Often, when I'm having the Finder behaving in a funky manner, I find that deleting the invisible .DS_Store file and relaunching the Finder solves the problem.

From a GroupLogic page:

"...comments are kept in a directory meta-information file called .DS_Store. When OS X moves or copies files around, the .DS_Store files in the appropriate folders are modified so that the comments move along with the file, even though they aren't stored in the meta-information of the file itself. ...Finally, the .DS_Store file was not designed for multi-user use. If multiple users modify the file simultaneously data loss can occur. Although this happens with comments it is more often seen with the default view and the positioning of icons for a folder [emphasis mine]. The problem is that the last person who writes to the .DS_Store will have their changes overwrite some or all of the changes other people have made. This is even further complicated by the fact that the .DS_Store files are written lazily. - that is, until the volume is unmounted the Finder will not try to put add its changes to the .DS_Store."

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