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fine tuned, dynamic rating
Authored by: BlackJack on Feb 01, '05 05:27:25PM
I am using 2 AppleScripts to rate the currently playing song +5 if i like it better than the song before or -5 if not. That way the rating is more dynamic and it will force songs down again when they are heard too often.

Of course, this does require the discipline to rate as often as possible. Using Hotkeys or assigned mouse buttons (MX 700) does help. Romeo/Salling Clicker and a Bluetooth phone come in handy too.

The script for Rating +5:

tell application "iTunes"
	set this_track to current track
	set current_rate to rating of this_track
	if current_rate is equal to 0 then set current_rate to 50
	set new_rate to current_rate + 5
	if new_rate mod 2 is 1 then set new_rate to new_rate + 1
	if new_rate is greater than 100 then set new_rate to 100
	set rating of this_track to new_rate
end tell

As you can see, songs rated up always recieve an even score - this was intended for building a "hot tracks" playlist, but i haven't done this yet.

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fine tuned, dynamic rating
Authored by: taxi on Feb 02, '05 08:17:19AM
Yeah, that's the sort of stuff I like!

I'd like to have a remote control that I can press a (+) or (-) button to say "Yeah I still dig this song! Keep playing it" or "Nah, I'm kinda getting over this tune. There's only so many times I can hear about Golder Gaytimes..." and have a fluid rating system.

I've written a program which sits on the screen and allows percentage rating, you can find it at this page

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fine tuned, dynamic rating
Authored by: TMSIDRSchnapper on Feb 03, '05 07:58:46AM

Is there any way to do this automatically via Applescript?

E.g. when a song starts playing, decrease it's rating by 5. And when a song is finished playing, increase its rating by 10.

So your favourites would be rated up by 5 as soon as you let them finish, while songs that you skipped will get a lower rating by the time. Sounds pretty handy, uh?

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fine tuned, dynamic rating
Authored by: taxi on Feb 04, '05 07:38:10AM
There's apparently no way to find out when a song has just finished.

What you could do is have an application that controls iTunes, and you only use it to change songs. When the song changes (which you can only tell by polling every n seconds) and you didn't cause it, then up the rating. If you skip the song, drop the rating.

You could do this quite easily in AppleScript Studio. I'll (possibly) write this over the next couple of days. Subscribe to my RSS feed and I'll post an entry when I'm done.

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fine tuned, dynamic rating
Authored by: robartsd on Mar 23, '05 01:35:49AM

If the script saves the ID and play count for the current track, then it only needs to see if the play count has been incremented when it sees a new track playing. iTunes doesn't increment the play count that you skip before it finishes playing.

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fine tuned, dynamic rating
Authored by: taxi on Feb 06, '05 06:51:45AM
Done! See iTunes AutoRater.

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