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Is this really needed?
Authored by: lullabud on Jan 26, '05 04:55:53PM

My iTunes music folder is well over the size of my Powerbook's internal hard drive, so I ran into this scenario long ago. My solution was what I think Apple intended, and that is this...

1) Go into iTunes prefs and click on "Advanced"
2) Click "Change" next to "iTunes Music folder location" and select the external disk drive or whatever you're using to store your music.
3) Click OK.

This will copy all of your music to the new location, but will leave the original Music folder in tact. (I've had problems with the Music folder location being changed back to the local disk, so keep an eye on that when switching between local and external locations when using iTunes.)

4) Go prune out the songs you don't want to keep on your local hard drive.

Now when you open iTunes it'll look in the new location first and then the local (original) location. If you don't have your external disk around you can still listen to the selection that you have stored in your local Music folder. When you rip new CD's or if you buy from the ITMS without the external disk the media gets saved to your local Music folder. To sync them, plug in your external disk and check that you still have the right external location in iTunes Prefs -> Advanced pane. Then hit "Advanced -> Consolidate Library" to copy all your local media in with your external disk library.

I've been using my rig like this for several months and it works great, I have all my Music stored in the Music folder on an external 80gb HDD.

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Is this really needed?
Authored by: JohnnyMnemonic on Jan 26, '05 10:35:50PM

The problem is: say that you often move stuff from the external FW drive to the local drive, so you can take it with you. You then would have to manually repoint iTunes to each song moved to your local drive; a royal pain.

Unless someone has thought of a better way, I think this script is a cool way to allow moves between a fw hd and a local (frequently changed) cache.

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A Demonstration of the Easier Route
Authored by: lullabud on Jan 27, '05 02:16:32PM

No, you're wrong. You don't have to point iTunes to the local files. here is a demonstration...

I have my music folder set in the iTunes prefs to be on an external 1394 drive that I will refer to as the "External Drive". I will call that the "External Music folder." The original Music Folder location in my home folder I will call the "Local Music folder."
I just did this test:

1) Copy a folder from your External Music folder to the Local Music folder.
2) Eject the External Drive and unplug it if possible.
3) Start iTunes and double-click on one of the songs that you just copied to your Local Music folder. It will play fine.
4) Hit CMD-R to reveal the file within your Local Music folder. See? It's there, and the External Drive isn't even plugged in.
5) Plug in your External Drive.
6) Play a song that is not within your Local Music folder, it will play fine.
7) Press CMD-R to reveal the file in your External Music folder.
8) Go into iTunes Prefs -> Advanced and notice that iTunes has the Local Music folder set as the location of the "Music Folder". (Don't change this.)
9) Cancel out of the preferences window and restart iTunes.
10) Go back into iTunes Prefs -> Advanced and you will see that iTunes has set the "Music Folder" location back to your External Music folder automatically.
11) Play the same song you were just playing from your Local Music folder. It will of course play.
12) Press CMD-R to reveal it in your External Music folder.

This demonstration proves that it DOES in fact work, and without some extra applescript to handle it all. Give Apple some credit, they did a great job, better than some of their biggest fans even know. I'm constantly amazed when I find little tricks like this that make things so much easier than I thought they would be.

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A Demonstration of the Easier Route
Authored by: brainsik on Jul 01, '05 03:02:10AM

FWIW, I tested this on iTunes 4.9 (Tiger) and it worked.

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A Demonstration of the Easier Route
Authored by: greenman on Nov 10, '05 10:45:34AM

it doesnt solve the following problem:

after working with the local folder...and adding new tunes to the local folder.....saying the goal is to have ALL your music on the external folder (for backup purposes) .......its not so easy to add all new tunes from the local to the external folder because you dont know them all in your head......apart from the fact that in my external drive there are folders like: 2003, 2004 and then inside drum&bass, soul, house...whileas in itunes there are folders named by artists after i bought songs

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Is this really needed?
Authored by: landis on Jan 28, '05 02:14:50PM

Love the script idea, but would much prefer a built-in Apple method in order to avoid any long-term problems with updates. So, I tried this suggestion out.

I was running out of disk space on my system drive and have an external Firewire that's always mounted. I followed your suggestion to change the music library from the Advanced preference pane, but iTunes didn't automatically transfer my music for me. I'm copying it manually now and will post back if I have any other problems with this method.

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