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Improve the Firefox user experience
Authored by: synecdoche on Jan 24, '05 05:40:55PM


There are a couple things I am still unsatisfied with on Firefox. One is the lack of support (as far as I can tell) for using a middle-click (in my case, a wheel-click) to open a link in a new tab. It works in Camino, but not Firefox, apparently (unless someone can prove me wrong! Please do!).

The other issue I have is with Firefox opening blank windows when trying to play certain video files. Your mime extension works beautifully-- I click on a wmv file, for example, and can make it open up in Media Player-- but it still opens up an additional window for the file for some reason.

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about:config does wonderful things
Authored by: trollll on Jan 24, '05 11:43:23PM
  1. type "about:config" into the url bar and hit return
  2. type "middle" into the filter field at the top (no need to hit return)
  3. double-click on the "browser.tabs.opentabfor.middleclick" to set to true
  4. :-)
not sure what to do about the targets for wmv's, though. not sure if the disable targets for downloads extension would cover that one.

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about:config does wonderful things
Authored by: synecdoche on Jan 25, '05 01:28:17AM

Thanks-- apparently it is enabled already. I wonder if OSX is simply not detecting my middle clicks. It is a scrollwheel mouse, and depressing the wheel should act as a third button, shouldn't it? Or do I have to do something to eanble this?

And the extension you mentioned worked a treat. Thanks.

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about:config does wonderful things
Authored by: darklighter on Jan 25, '05 04:55:32AM

While this may work on Windows and Linux versions of Firefox, this does nothing on the Mac version. As I understand it, this is because Firefox Mac uses an outdated mouse handler that only includes support for one button (a throwback to the OS 9 days?), as opposed to Panther's flawless support for every button on my MX 500 right out of the box. I know there's a bug report detailing this problem along with a proposed patch, but the patch has not yet been integrated into any binaries.

While I do like Firefox, until it properly supports OS X's built-in mouse driver's (supposedly it will in Mac 1.1, which will be equivalent to Windows/Linux 1.0), I won't be running it on a Mac. I eagerly await that day, but until then I'll be using Safari with Saft.

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Oh, you just had to make my day, didn't you?
Authored by: escoles on Jan 25, '05 09:36:02AM

At one level, I hate Firefox. I hate it because of what it's done to Mozilla, which is much more stable, uses no more RAM, and doesn't need extensions like TabBrowserPreferences or TabBrowserExtensions to actually let you load your tabs in the background or trap middle-clicks. On my Windows system, Firefox (1.0 final) crashes frequently and fails to exit properly about two times out of five. By version 1.4 (about two years ago, now), Mozilla crashed only under really unusual circumstances (like, on a WinME system that had been running for a week or so).

But I use Firefox, because there are tools I've gotten accustomed to using. Which is also the source of its problems, I think: Firefox is where the cool kids like to play, and the cool kids just aren't down with boring stuff like debugging and refinement. They'd rather climb mountains than till the soil, to put it in zen terms. So by using Firefox for the features, I'm tacitly contributing to the problem I decry...

Safari is nice and crisp, but I find it to be anemic in features by comparison with Mozilla and Firefox; and I'm frankly a bit disappointed in how it compares to Konqueror. OTOH, some of those high-end Konqueror-style features would probably be confusing to unsophisticated users. BTW, Firefox does support right-click -- just not middle-click. If it didn't support right-click, I'd be outta there so fast....

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Oh, you just had to make my day, didn't you?
Authored by: JimMueller on Jan 25, '05 04:42:22PM

I actually find the opposite to be true between Mozilla and Firefox.
My wife & I have identical PowerBooks. She used Mozilla (legacy bank compatability and inertia) and I've been using Firefox since it was Phoenix. At least once a night she curses Mozilla out, has to purge her cache and quit. I often have Firefox open for weeks with a half-dozen multi-tabbed windows and no problems.

I was never fond of Netscape Communicator's everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink school of feature design, and Mozilla simply carries that on. It was ages before I found the trick to make Mozilla open her default email application instead of trying to force her to use its own.

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about:config does wonderful things
Authored by: bradsmith74 on Jan 25, '05 10:24:19AM

Actually I believe this is enabled by default, however as darklighter suggests, this didn't work on my system. However using USBOverdirve (a great program) I'm able to set my "third button" to Command-Click, which then works.

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