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X Login via XDMCP over anything !
Authored by: RiotNrrrd on Nov 21, '04 09:46:13PM
eXodus 9.0 can do this with ease. It's got really nice XDMCP (not to mention SSH) support. (Unfortunately, it doesn't have Apple's really nicely accelerated Xquartz server, so I don't use eXodus anymore.)

XDMCP/XDM support (or lack thereof) is really one of the major weaknesses of Apple's compared to other X11 implementations, whether they be on other Unices/Linux or other Mac-based products such as eXodus.

Something else that stinks - it seems like Apple likes to drop things from 3rd-party releases that are still useful, even on a Mac. The 10.3 version of drops a lot of documentation - in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc there's only a bunch of HTML files (in .../html) now - compared to, say, XDarwin 1.1, where there used to be a whole raft of stuff, including XDMCP documentation:

[18:07] pb17:/Previous Systems/Previous System 1 % ls usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc
BUILD README.isc html/
BugReport README.mouse i18nFramework.TXT
DESIGN README.newport icccm.TXT
DPMSLib.TXT README.rapidaccess index
ICElib.TXT README.rendition intrinsics.TXT README.s3virge libGL.TXT
Install RELNOTES mit-shm.TXT
LICENSE overview_xie.TXT
LocaleDB.TXT SMlib.TXT proto.TXT
OS2.Notes ServersOnly record.TXT
PM_spec.TXT Status recordlib.TXT
PostScript/ Versions render-protocol.TXT
README VideoBoard98 rstart.TXT
README.DECtga XIEProto.TXT rstartd.TXT
README.DRIcomp XiPorting.TXT tog-cup.TXT
README.Darwin XiProtocol.TXT widgets.TXT
README.I128 Xtrans.TXT xc-misc.TXT
README.NetBSD appgroup.TXT xfs-design.TXT
README.OpenBSD bdf.TXT xieSIarch.TXT
README.SiS bigreq.TXT xielib.TXT
README.apm buffer.TXT xim.TXT
README.ati cmatch_xie.TXT xlfd.TXT
README.chips ctext.TXT xlib.TXT
README.cyrix ctlseqs.TXT xmu.TXT
README.dps ddx.TXT xsmp.TXT
README.fonts evi.TXT xtest.TXT
README.i740 fontlib.TXT xtestlib.TXT
README.i810 fsproto.TXT xv-protocol-v2.TXT

[18:08] pb17:/Previous Systems/Previous System 1 % ls -l usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc/PostScript/xdmcp.PS
-r--r--r-- 1 root unknown 96238 18 Jan 2002 usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc/PostScript/xdmcp.PS

I have no clue why Apple dumped all this documentation when they released their own version of XFree86 4.3.0 in

(That said, doing XDM is still tricky - even if you read the xdm(1) man page and get it fired up properly on your remote Mac, there are still gotchas - one gotcha I can recall is trying to connect to an XDM server at work over our VPN, but finding that the remote XDM server was trying to route the return packets to the original local IP address rather than the VPN-assigned local address, which wasn't working - we were blocking all outbound connections to port 6000 with a destination IP address outside of our Class B address space. Apparently the XDMCP packets being sent from the local end were tagged with the "real" IP address instead of the VPN-assigned local address. So the return packets went off to never-never land and the XDM connection failed ... )

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