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Authored by: jecwobble on Oct 11, '04 03:08:40PM

Just a quick update. If your computer is already getting a DV stream via FireWire when iMovie launches, iMovie appears to automatically switch from edit to camera mode, so the following portion of the start script is redundant.

tell group 3
  -- Make sure we start in edit mode
  -- so that the following toggle button
  -- works as desired
  click button 3
  -- Now switch to camera mode
  click button 2
end tell

Also, I'm finding that I have to put a pause in the script to ensure that iMovie is ready for its buttons to be pushed. :-) So you might want to include something like this between the two tell blocks:

do shell script "sleep 5"

Finally, I'm finding iKey to be a bit buggy with it's timer feature, so I've resorted to using cron and osascript instead. It appears to be more trustworthy as a VCR timer.

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"do shell script sleep"? why not just...
Authored by: baronworm on Oct 11, '04 03:54:07PM

"delay 5"?

but I guess I'm splitting hairs when we're talking about the most efficient way to tell a program to "please sit and do nothing..."


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"do shell script sleep"? why not just...
Authored by: jimhoyt on Oct 11, '04 07:18:13PM
If you take a look at your cpu usage for the two commands you'll find that

do shell script "sleep 5"

churns up far less of your Mac than

delay 5

Try it! :)

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Authored by: jecwobble on Oct 12, '04 01:02:28PM

I use "sleep" instead of "delay" for the very reason Jim states above. In fact, I search these hints while writing the AppleScript because I had this vague nagging feeling there was something bad about "delay".

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