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What extra needs to happen to sync at home
Authored by: greggomer on Jan 18, '02 02:38:35PM

Rob commented that you need to do a little extra work to sync things up once you return home. That is a good point. Any one have anythoughts on how to best synch up any changes, say to a Doc you were working on it you Documents folder.

Very cool tip, I am excited, I will use this all the time!!!!!!!!

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How to avoid the extra step.
Authored by: serversurfer on Jan 18, '02 07:27:05PM
If you really intend to use this "all the time", you should just make your iPod your primary user folder. Follow the main tip for changing the location of your user folder in NetInfo Manager, just do it on your home box as well. This will mean that all your "user activity" (saving prefs, documents, etc.) will be done directly on your iPod regardless of what box it is connected to. (You can actually use this method to log in to as many different boxen as you like. Just create dummy users on each of the additional machines.)
Keep in mind that this means you will no longer be using the original user folder on your HD. You could even delete it if you like, but I recommend that you don't. Even though the data in your original user folder will get stale over time, it will still be extremely useful if you should happen to lose/break your iPod as you will be able to use it to log in. (First log in as root and redirect NetInfo back to the user folder on your HD.)
You can freshen your old user folder from time to time by dropping your active user folder in your Users folder, replacing your user folder. Note the difference between Users folder (where all the user folders are) and user folder (your individual user folder, named after you). If you are wealthy, you could buy iPods for everyone in your family and put all their user folders on them. Which reminds me...

Bonus Tip

I can't test this myself as I have no iPod, but I don't see why you would need to copy the whole Users folder, just your individual user folder. I would be more than happy to test this if someone would be good enough to send me an iPod. ;)

BTW - This topic should illustrate why you should save everything in your user folder, unless it is to be used by all users, in which case it should go in to /Users/Shared. This also makes backups a breeze. Just copy the entire Users folder. Then, if you have to build your system back up from scratch, you just reinstall the OS and applications, create your users again, (make sure you create them in the same order so they keep their uid's, which is a number used to claim a file. uid's are generally mapped to usernames for you when you ls -l or something, but the file is actually owned by 501 and not frank. If you mess this part up, you can edit uid's by hand in NetInfo Manager) and then restore your backup of your Users folder over the new Users folder, overwriting and preserving ownership/permissions.

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How to avoid the extra step.
Authored by: hellmachine on Jan 22, '02 04:24:43AM

u are damn right! after understanding the osx structure there are many comfortable ways to work with your data. i partitioned my hard drive in two parts: system and hellmachine. after installing osx on system copy your Users Folder on the second partition. do the netinfo thing (changing the userpath to the second partition) and now a clean install is a breeze. just format the system partition and change the userpath after this to the second partition. after logout/login everything should be as always but with a fresh install.
be aware that some lazy installers put their files in the main library. just create a quicktime-, contextual menu items- or whatever folder in your user library and copy these files there. they should work. keep your system install virgin. as told, backups are way easy now...
only thing u will loose sometimes are kext files or stuff which have to be in the main lib-/system folder. but that's rare. just keep the installer at hand...

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What extra needs to happen to sync at home
Authored by: hellmachine on Jan 22, '02 04:34:28AM

should work with every sync utility. just let compare the two userfolders...
or use ditto via terminal. this was posted here some time ago...
search for ditto. u can make doubleclickable shellscripts to sync or backup via ditto and the resource fork add on...

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