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Replacement script
Authored by: derekhed on Oct 06, '04 03:28:05PM
I accidentally left my cron entry to run this script after I ejected my black CD. I forgot all about it until I noticed a dozen or so CRON, sh, and hdiutil entries in my ps list.
I rewrote the script, wrapping everything inside a check for the existence of writable CD media. The next version could include a test for free space on the CD after creating the disk image. So here it is, version 1.01:

# Back up logs to a CD incrementally. Saves as 'log n' in reverse order,
# renaming each as a higher increment and laying down a new file 'log'
# How the hell does it do this?
# Wrap the whole process in a test for CD Media

if drutil status | grep -i "No Media Inserted" > /dev/null 2>&1
      echo "No Media found. Failing."
      echo "Media found"
      # No luck with appendable, but you could try adding it.
      if drutil status | egrep "overwritable|blank" > /dev/null 2>&1
         echo "Medium is writable"
         # May as well use a timestamp for our temp file.
         stamp=`date +%y%m%d-%H%M%S`

         # Create the image
         hdiutil create -quiet -srcfolder /var/log/ /tmp/Log_$stamp.dmg

         # Wait for it...?
         sleep 5
         # Now burn the image
         hdiutil burn -quiet /tmp/Log_$stamp.dmg -noeject
         # Clean up after yourself
         rm /tmp/Log_$stamp.dmg
         # Let the drive mount. 15 works for me, but yours may be different.
         sleep 25
         # Report back to cron how much space is used.
         free=`du -ch /Volumes/log* | grep -i Total`
         echo "$free used on log Backup CD"
         echo "Can't write to CD Medium. Failing."
      fi # End check for writable Media
fi # End check for inserted Media

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