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tcsh sucks
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 27, '01 03:23:56PM

See title. Tcsh sucks. It takes the brain-dead csh and fixes a few things to make it work better for shell scripting, better redirection, etc. But bash is from the sh heritage, which is far more consistent from a programming perspective, and is the standard shell scripting language for most things Unix. If you don't like sh or bash, there's always zsh or ksh.

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tcsh sucks
Authored by: robh on Mar 27, '01 06:16:49PM

scripting language ?. You can write scripts in any language you want, what you use for a shell is another matter. If I want to write a script I use Perl. I wouldn't think of using tcsh or bash for scripting. If the script is trivial one or two liner then sh or csh will suffice, and if the script is more sophisticated then Perl is the answer.

I've been using unix for about 15 years and have been using tcsh for most of that time. I'd say to newcomers to unix to stick with tcsh. Telling people to switch to and learn bash instead is wasting their time because tcsh will do everything you're going to need in a shell.

Now if Apple hadn't picked tcsh as theyir preferred shell I'd say to people go choose whatever shell they want, they all have their features and religious followers. But since there is an Apple preferred shell, and that shell is a perfectly good one then stick with it.

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tcsh/csh vs sh/zsh for scripting
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 05, '01 02:52:04AM

There is a good article on why tcsh/csh is considered bad for scripting.
This is similar in vein as to why goto's is a bad programming practice:

Personally, I use sh for scripting and csh for interaction. However, there
are people who prefer to use sh for both purposes, and I can see why. The file
attribute/looping capabilities of sh are superior, so much so that Perl uses
the same syntax.

I don't want this to be another csh/sh, vi/emacs, Mac/PC jihad, but the
bottom line is that unlike the Wintel world, Apple's OS X gives us the choice,
and that's what's important to me.

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the many shells, pros & cons
Authored by: cichlisuite on May 06, '01 03:16:53AM

Unix newbie here. Does anyone have a handy reference that outlines the differences between all these different shells? The pro's and cons?
I'm not look for any religious arguements, just facts.

I've been using bash on a friends remote *nix box, and I've gotten more handy with customizing it than I have with tcsh. I'm thinking on making it my default shell on OS X. Also, many of the *nix reference books I have picked up tend to mention bash more often than all the others.

But I'd stil like to make a well educated decision.

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