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Authored by: werikblack on Jun 23, '04 10:48:08AM

Actually, it's been an option for quite a while, though I don't know about it being available in the menu. If you hit command-shift-4 for a screenshot anywhere in the OS and then press the space bar, you get a camera icon. Whatver window you click on (highlighted in your default highlight color) will be captured as your screen shot. I think they added this in 10.2, but I could be wrong. It's been around for at least 10.3 on.

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Authored by: on Jun 23, '04 11:13:00AM

This might have been fixed during the 10.3.4 upgrade. Personally, I have gotten so use to command + shift + space + 4 that I didn't bother to look at until a few days ago and noticed that it was enabled.

thx RLC


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Authored by: nestorph on Jun 23, '04 12:05:38PM

Whenever I go to the Grab service, I always see the "Screen", "Selection", and "Timed Screen" options grayed out. What apps actually support Grab services?

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Grab Services
Authored by: Uncle Asad on Jun 23, '04 12:59:57PM

I've used the Grab services only once, in OmniGraffle, because they finally were not greyed out and I wanted to see how it worked.... I'd sure like to use them with apps I use often, though :( All those services are neat, but it seems sooo few apps support even one or two of them.

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Authored by: dweebert on Jun 23, '04 01:04:03PM

Services operate on the current selection and input context.

Grab services call on to capture an image and insert it into the current selection in an open document, so you must be in a context which accepts an image on a pasteboard.

What this means is that your current focus must be something like editing a file in TextEdit, or composing a Mail message, or running some drawing app that supports the pasteboard.

Choosing the Grab service will take the picture, and place it at your insertion point. Choosing other services that generate text or images will do similar things, but note that some require an active selection upon which to act.

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Authored by: on Jun 23, '04 02:39:31PM

Thanks, I just tried this and it works. I didn't know how to use the grab services before. I normally would just drag and drop the picture to where I want it. But services let you insert a picture where you want. That's makes more convenient for inserting images into a document.



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Authored by: osxpounder on Jun 23, '04 02:50:32PM

Thanks for clearing that up; I always wondered by even Apple apps like Safari showed me nothing but greyed-out Grab options on the Services menu. Seems to me that this reliance on pasteboard ability is a handicap to Grab -- I don't use it, since there are good screen cap utils out there and since, if I want to cap a window, I can always use Apple's built-in method: CMD-SHIFT-4, then whack the spacebar .... Personally, I favor Constrictor, because its options and preferences suit my needs perfectly.


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Authored by: mahakk on Jun 24, '04 05:14:06AM

you didn't understand, obviously.

the "grab" service is not meant to grab a screenshot OF the current document/application, but rather to insert a screenshot INTO the current document/application.

since you can't insert a picture into a webpage viewed in safari, you can't use the grab service there.

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Authored by: Uncle Asad on Jun 23, '04 01:03:41PM

I sure have missed the easy kybd shortcut for capturing a window and found opening Grab and then using Capture Window a clunky work-around. Thanks for this new one! (Now Apple, why couldn't you have kept it cmd-shift-caps-4 instead of shifting it to cmd-shift-4-space?) :)

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twist at Command-Shift-3
Authored by: Niels Jespersen on Jun 24, '04 03:22:28AM

I can't get Grap at to work, but the Command-Shift-3 and Command-Shift-4 with og without the spacebar, witch save the picture in a file, has a twist.

If you press Ctrl-Command-Shift-3 or Ctrl-Command-Shift-4 (with og without the spacebar) it copy the picture to the pastboard :-)

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