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Authored by: Iowa Boy on May 24, '04 12:16:05PM

I actually use two interfaces: mail app by Apple and Yahoo.

Does a .mac subscription have a web interface to your .mac email address?

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Authored by: jen729w on May 25, '04 01:57:44AM

.mac surely does have a web interface, and it's not bad at all. Doesn't do much, other than read and write mail, but then what would you expect?

Sign up for a free 60 day .mac account and play around - that's all I've got at the moment. I quite like .mac - does anyone have any comments? Is it worth the subscription? I like the iMovie hosting thing. Childish, yeah. Simplistic, yeah. Fun? Yeah.

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It's $99. How do you feel about that?
Authored by: Bookman on May 25, '04 01:25:04PM
I quite like .mac - does anyone have any comments? Is it worth the subscription? I like the iMovie hosting thing. Childish, yeah. Simplistic, yeah. Fun? Yeah.

It really all depends on how much $99 sticks in your craw. Some people see that as exorbitant; others see is as well worth it, and for varying reasons: the email address itself, the free stuff and discounts that come along during the year, the web integration with the iApps and Backup, & iDisk being those that I value.

Myself, after availing myself of the $49 price for iTools users, I vowed I would not renew the second year unless they lowered the price. Well, they didn't, but I did, although I did get a $20 discount for referring one other user who adopted .Mac.

So far I feel I have gotten a good deal for what I paid. Would I rather it was free or at least half the cost? Sure. Can I promise I will sign up the year I have to pay full price? No. But I'm enjoying it and the useful integration for the modest things I do. Check it out:, or .../uaug.

One thing I must say: Kudos to Apple for making it possible to incorporate HTML pages one has created "by hand" in HomePage. Haven't tried it yet, but it makes HomePage itself potentially three times as useful for many people without compromising the novice's ability to use HomePage.


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.Mac HomePage
Authored by: sjk on May 25, '04 06:49:26PM

I wish it were possible to assign an alias to a .Mac account for HomePage access instead of having to use the name part of the e-mail address. Same with iChat.

I'm strongly opposed to divulging e-mail addresses through use of them with other services and wish more providers would realize that and provide an alternative.

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.Mac HomePage
Authored by: shavenyak on Dec 29, '04 08:53:15PM

You could add an email-only account for 10$ (I think?) and use the main .mac name for the web stuff. Come to think of it, you can add aliases for free - you still might get some spam to the main address you'd have to weed through, but you could filter it out in a mail client.

I'm a pretty new Mac user, but I thought .mac was worth the money, even though I don't really plan to use the email address (I'm very happy with Incidentally, I primarily use, but I prefer Thunderbird when I'm forced to use a Windows machine.

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