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some problems
Authored by: russ_jacobson on Dec 22, '01 11:34:28PM

While I thought my iBook dual USB, 500 mhz, 320 ram had no problems with 10.1.2 I seem to have been bitten by problem some report.

First my IE 5.1 now has had a couple weird episodes, in which
I get some weird behavior with the spining ball of death, inability to
quit the program and eventually a forced hard shutdown and
reboot. The third time tonight no problems but I have had to
reboot 3 times earlier in evening with IE 5.1 now it seems stable
for the moment.

I also got a weird crash and console came up when I was printing one
of my pages out of IE 5.1. I had done 3 printings ok and was doing a third
when it only printed second page and in consol I got it opening along
with a printer error window log with a mile long of code that
means nothing to me, but it was debugging error code and had some
stuff about kernal errors so I suppose the kernal panic some have seen a little with this one?

People have reported elsewhere now pasting from Classic apps to
OS X apps no longer works, the ball spins for 10-15 seconds and no
text is pasted, but apparently graphics still does??? I do not do t his muc
but in the main console log window I found the following error reported
with classic when it starts:
Mac OS X Version 10.1.2 (Build 5P48)
Classic Startup: Couldn't connect to the pasteboard. Copy and paste with external apps will not work.

So I guess that means I probably have this same problem when I choose to copy and paste from classic.

The console log also has the following errors which mean nothing to me, maybe they have always been there after logins?

Dec 22 18:25:40 localhost WindowServer[69]: CGXDisableUpdate: Updates disabled by connection 0x7c03 for over 1.000000 seconds

Dec 22 19:20:52 localhost WindowServer[69]: CGXDisableUpdate: Updates disabled by connection 0x2f03 for over 1.000000 seconds

I also saw a post on macfixit that said something about minor errors with some ATM fonts not working now with 10.1.2 update. And now that I open my console up again to past the above what do I find below but another error related to some of my fonts:

Default TimeZone = America/Chicago
America/Chicago In Daylight = false
America/Chicago Uses Daylight = true
GMT In Daylight = false
GMT Uses Daylight = false
Loading image 1
Loading image 2
Loading image 3
Loading image 4
Loading image 3

It is repeated over and over again probably each time I do something in IE which I am working in or Entourage as I had been sending about 5 messages (about the number of times this appears interestingly enough?)

Then there is a IE 5.1 specific error that shows up:

epm applet started 9.37c
Dec 22 22:01:41 localhost /Applications/Internet Explorer: kCGErrorIllegalArgument : CGSSetWindowAutofill: Invalid window


Mind you I do not know how many of the above have been going on in console during each login. Does this main console log window keep this error until I empty the log? I obviously do not do much with it nor have ever seen it except when I first explored OS X after starting to use it.

But it seems that IE is getting flakier not that it ever was good, and now I do have the problems with fonts and the pasting from classic problem implied in the consol message. So I wonder if I should have stayed with 10.1.1. I had no problems with what I do and had never had a kernal panic before with printing. (it was after this that IE got really weird by the way).

Russ Jacobson

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some problems
Authored by: maclaw on Dec 24, '01 12:21:01AM

the "couldn't connect to pasteboad..." line does not seem to be a consequence of 10.1.2 specifically. I had this message since at least 10.1 and it continues today (through 10.1.1 and 10.1.2). This despite several complete reinstalls (of both the classic and OS X environments). I can't pin down an origin of the problem but I have generally been able to cut/paste text between classic/native despite this console message. in fact, i talked to apple about this some months ago and neither I nor the service tech could copy binary information (e.g. graphics) from classic to native but we could both copy text.

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