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WWDC Revelation; 2005 Rollout
Authored by: nite77 on May 11, '04 03:01:45PM

Fix the bugs and tweak features first.

1) Mainly with Finder & SMB. (Selecting and dragging multiple icons crashes Finder nine out of ten. Opening a smb shared folder crashes Finder nine out of ten. Dragging from desktop BUT from a Finder window works everytime, opening AFP shared (same folder, same machine) works everytime.)
2) Safari up to speed with other browser with Flash - now it's horribly slow.
3) iChat more compatible with AIM & fix the damn thing for good. Video-Video works like 3 out of 4 and Audio-Audio doesn't work -ever- for me.
5) iCal internationlition: "week starts at" -days fixed (in Finland we start our weeks from Monday, but iCal starts from Sunday, even if Finnish dates & stuff is selected.
(Port it over to Win, AIM is U*G*L*Y and sucks, Win folks would probably pay for it, my parents included. The video resize/fullscreen in iChat simply rocks.)

Additional Features/Changes:

1) iLife expansion: Include iCal & Mail (name/buy trademark & name it iMail) in iLife, add features to both of them: Update iMail to look like the rest of iLife (but it would be really great to include a system-wide De-Metallifize -option for them who hate the look.), add "Smart Lists" so you can keep your mail in the order -You- like, even including individual mails in different categories, like iPhoto & iTunes already do. iCal/iSync/.Mac combo should be able to make it possbile for a family to share one calendar/many calendars that have common elements so that individuals can add/remove personal info that other can read, but not edit and add/edit common items that are important/editable to all, and it should be able to indicate (color shade difference) between all members. And optimally should only need one .Mac account. (I can't explain this well, so if somebody doesn't get it, please ask me to explain in detail.) And iCal & iMail should still be free, altought included in iLife, just like iTunes.

2) AddressBook BlueTooth gateway: add "stay connected" and "try to connect automatically every xxx min/sec" -options. I hate clicking the button constantly :)

3) iLife Expansion II: iPaint -concept. Mac is a "designers computer" (at least widely regarded as that), but even Windows includes a "painting program", although very crude. But Mac doesn't have anything. It would be very nice for Apple to include a Basic-level painting program with primitive features, so that out-of-the-box it would have painting capability. Something between MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop Elements. Not all of us need Photoshop CS :) Something like Elements without Layers, Filters, Styles, and stuff. Very basic. Like Art Dabbler, license it from MetaCreations :)

Additional Would-be-nice not-important eye-candy:

1) Support for Vector Icons. I know it doesn't sound great, but many artists would love it. And that would mean scalability beyond anything else. (How about 512px icon for the one important program you keep on that 4000x3000 33" display? :D

And the most important last: Something like Exposť, something that no-one had thought about, but once you try you wonder how you lived without :)

whoops. it's long but hopefully not boring :)

/Nite - "can't rain all the time"
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WWDC Revelation; 2005 Rollout
Authored by: swedentom on May 17, '04 12:06:28PM

"5) iCal internationlition: "week starts at" -days fixed (in Finland we start our weeks from Monday, but iCal starts from Sunday, even if Finnish dates & stuff is selected."

You can change this in iCal Preferences.

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