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Using WU-IMAP with SSL and xinetd on 10.2
Authored by: name99 on May 05, '04 04:18:19AM

Edit the file imap-2002.RC5 -> src -> osdep -> unix -> env_unix.c and find the line static char *mailsubdir = NIL; and change it to static char *mailsubdir = "Library/Mail/Mailboxes";. If you don't make this change, your imap listing will show your entire home subdirectory

If you make the change suggested you open yourself up to a whole world of hurt. You are now telling imapd to store all its data (in mbox format) in the same directory that stores its data (in mbox format). If you ever run, even just by mistake, on the server that is running imapd, you will land up with a mess.

A much better way to do this is to set
*mailsubdir = "Library/Mail/IMAP_SERVER_STORE"

If you do this then the following good things happen.
(1) imapd stores it data in a place that is different from, so the two don't confuse each other, but still in a directory where you'd expect mail to be stored.
(2) (the best written of the apps we'll discuss) just works.
(3) Zoe (if you use it) needs to the told the imap server as
which is a bit stupid, but there you are.
(4) SquirrelMail, the most retarded of the lots, needs
(a) $default_folder_prefix = './';
in squirrelmail/config/config.php
The various sane alternatives you might try like '' or '/' or 'INBOX' (which makes sense if you know something about IMAP internals) all don't work. next, even when you have done this and start squirrelmail, you won't see any of the subfolders in your IMAP store until you click on the Folders link, go to the bottom, and "subscribe" to all the folders listed (ignoring .DS_Store). Damn, this is pretty lame --- can't handle an empty pref properly, the default should be all folders subscribed, not none, and there should be a filter that strips out crud like .DS_Store (of course Apple should stop generating these files in the first place, but that's a different argument). Anyway at this point SquirrelMail should now work.

This may seem like a hassle --- isn't the other guy's way better?
No. You will still have to use INBOX at the end of Zoe and weird ./ stuff for squirrelmail, plus you will have the joy of also sorts of folders created by mixed up with your IMAP folders.

And for those of you using imapd from Postfix Enabler, that was compiled the way suggested above, not my way --- if you are having problems with it, now you know why.

In a week or so I will have a tutorial about all this stuff written up, at which point I'll come back here and add a link to it.

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Using WU-IMAP with SSL and xinetd on 10.2
Authored by: tinker on Jun 03, '04 05:05:43PM

I'm running UW-IMAP on my desktop and accessing it with, also on my desktop (as a way of circumventing the size restrictions on my work IMAP server: now I can just access two IMAP servers, the work one and my desktop one, wherever I am).


(1) Is there any way to get to stop displaying the annoying .DS_Store file?? (Or folder, rather, if is to be believed.)

(2) Mail (or IMAP) created a file called "IMAP-myname@myhost" that's sitting in the directory too and has a mirror of whatever's in the directory (including, confusingly, itself). My guess is that the best response to this damn thing is just to ignore it, but if I'm wrong, let me know. If I'm right, then same question: how do I hide the freakin' thing??

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