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Version 3
Authored by: Diggory on Mar 03, '04 07:39:20AM
It would be nice if someone who uses proxies could check to see if it works as expected.

on idle
	set secondsToWaitBetweenChecks to 120 -- 2 Minutes between checks
	set availText to "Your Network Connection is now available."
	set unavailText to "The network is still down."
	set hostToCheck to ""
	set checkNetScript to "scutil -r " & hostToCheck
		set netStatus to do shell script checkNetScript
		if netStatus is "Reachable" then
			my announceText(availText)
			--		my announceText(unavailText)
		end if
	on error
		display dialog "Could not check the net status this time." buttons {"OK"} default button 1 giving up after 5 -- seconds
	end try
	return secondsToWaitBetweenChecks
end idle

to announceText(textToSpeak)
	tell application "System Events"
		--	If iTunes is running dip the Audio.
		if (exists process "iTunes") then
			tell application "iTunes"
				set oldVolume to sound volume
				set sound volume to (sound volume * 0.25)
				delay 1
				say textToSpeak
				delay 1
				set sound volume to oldVolume
			end tell
			say textToSpeak
		end if
		--	If the User has Salling Clicker show a funky alert.
		if (exists process "SEC Helper") then
			tell application "SEC Helper"
				show screen message textToSpeak
			end tell
			display dialog textToSpeak
		end if
	end tell
end announceText

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Authored by: amacaulay on Mar 07, '04 06:47:05AM

There are options for controlling how you connect to a proxy, but these are more for when you _do_ want to and won't help you bypass the transparent proxies that many ISPs use.

However, if you use the --header option to send an appropriate Pragma: header (perhaps someone who understands this part of http can leap in here), then a well behaved proxy should let you pass through.

That said, the original script was to test whether your line was up, so as long as you don't run a home proxy server (or have one on site between your machine and the outside Internet) then why bother? A returned page must have come over your Internet line, so your line must be up.


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