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CD Burning support in Panther
Authored by: martinx on Mar 02, '04 06:05:08PM

...still seems sub-par to me. The other day I was trying to copy a bunch of files from different directories, and Finder locked up - had to force terminate it - and it forgot what it was doing! The burn icon disappeared and was replaced by the eject icon. The second time, after another half hour of dragging files I went to burn, it ran for a couple seconds, then claimed it couldn't write to the blank CD for some reason, and again all the files I had copied were gone! I'm also not happy that I still can't mount a CD-RW as a normal drive, via packet writing.

So, does this tool fix any of that?

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CD Burning support in Panther
Authored by: Graff on Mar 03, '04 08:14:05AM

I haven't seen any of these issues that you've mentioned but here's a good workaround:

1. run Disk Utility
2. click on the "New Image" button in the toolbar
3. choose Size->660 MB (CD ROM 12 cm)
4. enter a name and a save location (apple-d for the desktop)
5. hit the "Create" button
6. the disk image will be created and will be mounted
7. drag the items you want to copy into the mounted image
8. go back to Disk Utility
9. insert a blank CD ROM and hit ignore when the dialog comes up for what to do with it
10. choose the name.dmg file that you created and hit the burn icon in the toolbar
11. when the burn finishes successfully quit Disk Utility and trash the dmg file

By going through Disk Utility you only have to repeat steps 8 - 10 if the burn is not successful since you have a saved disk image all set up for the burn. When you do a burn through the Finder it creates a disk image for you but it removes it even if the burn is not successful.

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CD Burning support in Panther
Authored by: Graff on Mar 03, '04 08:17:26AM

Oh, one more thing. If you do a lot of burns just save the dmg file for later burns. If you need to change the stuff on it then double-click it to mount it and add/trash items. Don't forget to empty the trash before you burn. Once you are done just do steps 8 - 10 to burn another disk.

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CD Burning support in Panther
Authored by: martinx on Mar 03, '04 05:15:50PM
3. choose Size->660 MB (CD ROM 12 cm)

Good tip, I'll do it this way from now on. But I'm curious about the CD size. Originally CDs were 650MB but now I see other sizes regularly, for example I got a 50 pack of 700MB CDs, and in your above example you use 660MB. I've never really understood what they were doing to get the extra space, or what would happen if you tried to access a "larger" CD on an older CDROM. Any idea?

BTW, I'm really "retentive" about using up all the space on a CD-R. I usually fill it until there are only a few hundred Kbytes left, even if it means putting on stuff I don't really need on the CD but wouldn't mind having an extra "backup" copy of. I'm beginning to wonder if this, in combination with different CD sizes, might be my problem in having my burn mysteriously fail.

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CD Burning support in Panther
Authored by: Graff on Mar 03, '04 11:40:38PM

You can set up disk images of any size that you want, I was just using the largest CD-ROM size that is built-in to Disk Utility. I did this to make things easy and also because it was pretty safe. You could just as easily use the Custom option and enter in 700 MB. The only thing is that you might end up with an image which is larger than the disk you are going to burn to.

This is not a big problem however, I believe it will warn you that your image is too large when you go to burn it. Just experiment a bit and try backing down from 700 MB in 5 or 10 MB increments until it works. Most new-ish CD drives souldn't have problems with the 700 MB disks, but some older drives may not read them properly - especially the ones in old music CD players.

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CD Burning support in Panther
Authored by: BulbVivid on Mar 03, '04 10:52:02AM

Disk utility sounds like what you are looking for, although the burn app in the hint does bybass the copy process.

I haven't used the app a lot, but it didn't make any coasters in any of my tests. The app's pretty basic--it has a window to drag folders to and a burn button, as well as a few options for how the disk is created. I have yet to try it with a DVD-R, and I haven't played with it enough to see if it will do multiple sessions, though you can most likely do them with disk images.

Grab it here and try it out: Click the link to the page called "Lookin' for This."

If you need more features, I would suggest Toast. It's expensive, but has a lot of features. There's also a few shareware apps out there--I've tried DiscBlaze, and it does a good job.
Good luck

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CD Burning support in Panther
Authored by: martinx on Mar 03, '04 05:23:47PM
If you need more features, I would suggest Toast.

I would buy Toast if it had packet writing. I've been "pestering" Roxio on and off for quite a while for their "DirectCD" feature on the Mac OS X platform. I'm really quite stumped as to what's taking so long. There site has really been no help to me in trying to figure out if any of their OS X products support packet writing. Maybe it's not a popular feature, but I would consider it *the* feature, the *only* reason to buy third party burning software.

Of course I have a similar problem in general - software companies that give you no clue what platform they support, because they assume Windows is the only thing out there (or that you should spring for Virtual PC). bleah.

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CD Burning support in Panther
Authored by: BulbVivid on Mar 03, '04 09:06:58PM

I just wish Apple would include some easy, thorough burn software with the OS. I'd settle for being able to do multiple sessions without disk utility, and to be able to burn without having Finder copy the data first. Burning with Finder may be really simple, but it sure is slow and limited.

The Xcode examples sure have come in handy at work though.

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Wait a minute...
Authored by: jiclark on Mar 09, '04 02:56:29PM

Do you mean that there's a way to use a CD-RW as a sort glorified floppy? Add and delete files from the Finder, etc? Man, that would be PRICELESS!

The single most confusing thing for people new to CD burning is that they can't add or delete files like you can with a floppy or Zip disk...

If it's possible, we gotta hound Apple/Roxio about it!!!


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Re: Wait a minute...
Authored by: martinx on Mar 09, '04 03:54:32PM

Yes, exactly. A sort of glorified floppy. I've hounded Roxio so much they don't respond to my e-mails anymore. ;-)

The other day I found this URL:

But unfortunately they are a little light on the details, for example, I am not really sure their product would work with my TiBook with DVD-R.

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