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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: philb on Feb 23, '04 04:51:57PM

Does anyone know how to make a backup copy of Panther Install disks? Apple told me they're using some sort of anti-piracy on install disks now. He said there is a way to create a backup for your install disks using DiskCopy but he was not allowed to tell me.
Anyone know how this is done?

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: subcultured on Feb 23, '04 05:11:57PM

i used toast to make backup copies of the panther install cds without a problem. not sure if Apple has implemented some sort of protection into disk utility, though...

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: lolopb on Feb 23, '04 05:25:15PM

I copied my Panther CDs with Disk Utility by selecting New image from volume and selecting the session 1 in the sidebar, just under the CD name, no problems to boot from the cds burned with this image.

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BEWARE: Test your copies, even if you think they're ok!
Authored by: tcurtin on Feb 24, '04 05:17:50PM

Be careful - you should try actually doing an install with the copied discs first. I did the same, and thought I was so clever for doing so... until using them to install on my iMac just kept failing in subtle ways. Weird failures during the installation, if I remember correctly, even though I was able to start from the copies without problems. On a hunch, I switched to the original discs, and installation immediately worked perfectly on the first try.

In the end, I resolved to take very good care of the originals, but its very annoying to me that Apple won't let me make a backup. (Especially since there's obviously a way, they just won't tell us what it is.)

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
- Benjamin Franklin

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: torleif on Apr 06, '04 06:57:50PM

I used toast 6 titanium copy function to backup my os x panther 3.8 GB disc.
Works fine (bootable)

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10.3: Use ASR disc images rather than CDs
Authored by: dirtymouse on Apr 07, '04 06:40:45AM
Rather than making CD copies, why not create a clean virgin (and updated)
Mac OS X ASR disc image using a firewire drive, carbon copy
cloner and netrestore?

Here is how;

1. Install OS X (with full options, BSD, your chosen Languages etc)
onto a clean firewire drive partition (need a firewire bootable mac)

2. Boot, create user, test, update (Apple CDs are out of date anyway)

3. Carbon Copy Cloner your beautiful OS X to an ASR compatible Disc image
with ASR options enabled.

4. Test a restore to a spare partition.

Then all you need to do in the future to restore is as follows:

- Boot off a OS X mac (by firewire drive, target disk mode etc)
- run NetRestore, clone from your ASR disc image
- reboot into new OS X. (restore can take less than 5 minutes)

This technqiue is hundreds of time faster, better, more up-to-date than
using the ancient art of inserting a CD/DVD installer, booting, installing,
rebooting, creating a user, running updates, restart, repeat etc etc
And has numerous applications to long too explain here.
Essential techniqnue if you are running more than a couple of
OS X macs at home or at work..

for more info:
download Carbon Copy Cloner from

and the actual technique to make this work seemlessly is covered
extensively in my Mac Troubleshooting book title: 'Fix a troubled Mac'
which you can obtain from

have fun, dirtymouse

Author of "fix a troubled Mac'
(A Macintosh Troubleshooting PDF book)

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