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OSX vs. OS9
Authored by: chris_on_hints on Feb 16, '04 03:38:18PM

What amazes me is that Apple mentioned that only 40% of mac users have gone up to OSX.... i know a couple of macs still running OS9.2 which are crying out to be upgraded. I find them a pain to use, but the owner just "doesnt have time" to upgrade. What are they all waiting for? OS11??!!

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OSX vs. OS9
Authored by: Azark on Feb 19, '04 04:53:24PM

I'm a kind of mac hotline for all my friends using macs.
On +/- 20 macs, 4 are on OSX (two are mine)

For some of my collectors, the reason why are obvious ;)
(mac+ (OS6), classic color(OS7), quadra 900(a/ux), etc.)

For the rest, the main reasons are:

Old hardware or not enough RAM or disk space, don't want to upgrade.
(i.e.One of them has a Bondi blue with 32MB, I convinced him to buy 128MB and install 0S 9, and that was hard ;)

Still not all soft ported or have to pay to upgrade. This is mainly in audio pro domain. (ever checked how much a Waves bundle cost?)

Don't forget people using macs at work ( education) where they're still using OS 9 on 'old' iMacs...

Lot's of people don't even know what is OS X, they use the system installed when they bought it.

This is a pain for me as i'm slowly forgetting about OS 9 tricks...

PB Ghz 1024MB Combo 10.3.2
G4 400 AGP 768MB 10.3.2

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OSX vs. OS9
Authored by: klktrk on Feb 21, '04 12:23:26AM

Of course, this poll is going to be heavily skewed in OS X's favor, since it's called, not Secondly, a good majority of visitors here are somewhat to very geeky, meaning they have to have the latest upgrade or they'll die.
Most other people just simply use their computers. And if you're typing letters, you might as well be using Mac OS 6.


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Older Mac
Authored by: richaber on Feb 21, '04 01:46:13PM

Some of us can't afford a nice new speedy G5, I'm still running 10.1.5 on a 350MHz G3 Blueberry. The Gig of ram and speedy new 60GB HD help, but I don't know that I could run 10.2 or 10.3 on this iMac. I'll upgrade my OS when I upgrade my hardware (and at current Mac prices, that could be another year).

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Older Mac
Authored by: xavierbdm on Feb 21, '04 02:28:49PM

Actually, for having upgraded an old Lime 2nd gen iMac (was it a 266MHz inside? can't remember) with 6gig of Hd and 196meg of RAM from 10.1 to 10.2 then to 10.3, I can assure you that 10.3 IS the best OS of the all three. So go ahead, jump in, and you'll see it gets snappier and feels better (and with RAM and HD you have, you'd be feeling very good).
No need for a G5, rest assured.

iMac G4 17 800/512/80 + powerbook firewire G3 500/512/30

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Older Mac
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Feb 23, '04 08:49:50AM
I'm typing this on a G4/400 with 512 MB RAM running OS X 10.3.2. It runs fine, even if it's not the fastest Mac in the sea.

My G4/466 with 1 GB runs 10.3.2 even better! So you don't need a new G5 to run Panther.

And for all your Jaguar users on older hardware... the upgrade to Panther is well worth it, as it runs faster on older hardware.


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