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Balthisar, almost there....
Authored by: druecker on Nov 30, '01 11:11:58PM

I also had trouble with network printing, but I eventually found the problem. Below is my reply to Jim Derry, author of the original document



After taking a few days off, I finally solved my printing problem. I want to let you know what I did so that you can help others.

1. I changed the ownership as you indicated below. I also used the Netinfo manager to verify that I and the other user are members of the wheel group. I am not sure if this mattered or not, because printing didn't work until step 2.
2. I discovered that the files (lpd.filter and lpr_spooler) that I downloaded from your website contained a spurious character at the end of each line. I know that Unix, PCs, and Macs use various combinations of return and line feed to denote the end of line. I think that is the origin of the problem. In any case, when viewing the contents of the files using "more", I didn't see the extra unprinted character (^M). I only discovered it when I used the vi editor to add some debugging code to look for the problem. Once I deleted the ^M character, my troubles were nearly over.
3. After step 2, the printer began to print. Unfortunately, it didn't print anything recognizable. By trial and error, I discovered that the printer resolution option -r600 didn't work with my printer, a DeskJet 895cxi. I simply deleted it. I don't know what the default is, but at least it works. I will do some more experimentation with this parameter.

The only remaining issue is relatively minor. When the print job finishes, the printer "error button" lights up. This button usually lights up when there is a paper jam or empty ink cartridge. I this case, the symptoms lead me to believe that the printer is still waiting for more data. I conclude this from the following observation. When the printer begins to receive data from the computer, the power light begins to blink. When the print job is finished, the light normally burns continuously. However, with your network printing solution, the light continues blinking for about a minute until the error light comes on. I think it times out while expecting more data. Have you heard any similar reports?

Thanks a lot for your help.


On Monday, November 5, 2001, at 09:58 AM, Jim Derry wrote:

Try setting the permissions to the files in the lpd directory so that the owner is still daemon, but the group is wheel. Here're the permissions on my system:

drwxr-xr-x 6 daemon wheel 160 Oct 13 17:21 .
drwxr-xr-x 4 root wheel 92 Oct 6 21:15 ..
-rw-r--r-- 1 daemon wheel 6148 Oct 6 21:15 .DS_Store
-rw-r--r-- 1 daemon wheel 1704 Oct 6 21:15 GS_HP_LaserJet.ppd
-rwxr-xr-x 1 daemon wheel 218 Oct 13 01:38 lpd.filter
-rwxr-xr-x 1 daemon wheel 35 Oct 13 01:30 lpr_spooler

As root, you can change permissions with "chown -R daemon.wheel lpr_spooler" for example. The -R is really not needed unless you're changing directories' permissions.

I think it should work with the permissions you have, i.e., the daemon group and owner. But give this a try, and just hope that all your users are part of the wheel group.

--Jim Derry

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Balthisar, almost there....
Authored by: on Dec 03, '01 05:17:38PM

Thanks Rick and Jim. the permissions etc were not the problem. I went on the errant character hunt and fixed it by opening the file in bbedit and saving with unix line breaks. They showed up as DOS line breaks in BBedit. The HP DJ 1120c is now working. In the mean time I got it working on my HP DJ 850c over Airport and Localtalk bridge. Now that is what I call compatibility with old stuff. Thanks again. Now what I need to learn is how to share the queue first as a LPR printer and then over appletalk. has anyone ported the print server in ashare over to Mac OS X.

Note on the DJ 850c photos look better imaged using djcolor engine and drawings look better with the setting you chose.


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Why use AppleTalk, and not LPR?
Authored by: Jaharmi on Mar 02, '02 06:45:11AM

Why use AppleTalk?

If you've followed these instructions, you should have an LPR queue set up. Mac OS 7.5 can do LPR printing, if you install the right LaserWriter driver in classic OS. The right version (or latest version you can run) depends on what version of Mac OS you're running; the Apple Downloads pages for each LW version will tell you which OS they run on. You should be able to use LW 8.6 or 8.6.1, at least. (If you already have Mac OS 9, no upgrades are needed; it's all included.)

I've got basic directions for setting up LPR printing in Mac OS 7.x-9.x below, once you've got LaserWriter 8.5.1 (or later) installed.


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Why use AppleTalk, and not LPR?
Authored by: on Mar 27, '02 03:51:59PM

Tell me how to do it with no purchases and I am game. Here is the setup:
HP DeskJet 850c connected by Phonenet to the Printer Port of a Power Mac 5200 and shared using the Localtalk Bridge control panel onto ethernet. I am printing from my powerbook running OS X over an Airport connection. It works fine. There were some funky commercial products a decade ago for doing IP over Localtalk but they are long gone. I was just interested in preserving my investment in hardware that is working perfectly well (and is more durable than 90% of consumer printers now.)
This is a home network. I was just fascinated to get back into guts computing and rigging things to work when they are "unsupported". In my opinion that is the realm of most geeks with shallow pockets. Other companies (I won't mention any names.) Want to lock you into paying every time Bill coughs.......uh oops.... I just appreciate having tools to rig when necessary.

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