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No luck w/ OfficeJet G85xi
Authored by: scottburton on Nov 29, '01 08:43:38PM

I could get the Sample.PCL file to print but I've had no luck with Print Center & the full GS hack with this HP OfficeJet G85xi. I've tried both IP and appletalk atprint methods without success (incidentally appletalk lists this printer with the space in the name; I've had success printing the PCL file with atprint by surrounding the full name with single quotes, as in 'OfficeJet G85xi:DeskWriter').

In any case, Print Center gives me an error after every attempt, and the error is listed in the print queue for "OfficeJet G85xi", the dummy NetInfo printer. I find this an unusual place for an unexplained error, given that (as I understand it) this NetInfo printer is supposed to pass along commands to lpd.filter, and not communicate directly with any physical printer or respond to errors.

I've checked all my syntax and everything's cool. Is there anything obvious I could be doing wrong?

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No luck w/ OfficeJet G85xi
Authored by: bullcreek on Nov 30, '01 12:19:36PM

How about going into Classic, picking the Chooser, hitting Options, and renaming the printer to something that doesn't have spaces? Then substitute the new name in the filters file and in NetInfo. Just a thought.

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No luck w/ OfficeJet G85xi
Authored by: balthisar on Nov 30, '01 03:57:34PM

I'm pretty sure that renaming the printer with the Chooser only changes the name of the printer for the computer, that is, the name you see in the chooser. The "real" name of the printer is in the printer or print server.

Is this printer attached to a print server? If so, use HP JetAdmin to rename the printer. Actually, it'll probably work if the printer is already network-supported. If not JetAdmin, try the normal HP tools (the name escapes me -- maybe DeskJet Tool or something?). These are Classic apps.

Also, did you do replace the LPRIOM file? That's why the Print Center usually faults out.

Are you working with the 29-Nov-2001 copy of the instructions? If not, try to download the package again -- I just posted it a few hours ago, and it may help.

Alternatively, if you CAN'T remove the spaces in the printer name for some reason, change the lpr.filter file like this:

#exec $GS -dNOPAUSE -q -dBATCH -sDEVICE=cdj550 –r600 -sOutputFile={backslash}|/path-to-file/otherscript

Don't forget that there's a backslash before the pipe in the -sOutputFile parameter that I can't write here for some reason.

Then, in the "otherscript" file, make it this:

/usr/bin/lpr -v -h -Plp <---- using TCP/IP
/usr/bin/atprint "deskjet970:DeskWriter" <---- using AppleTalk (use your printer name)

Then, quotes can be put around your printer name this way.

Hope this helps!

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No luck w/ OfficeJet G85xi
Authored by: Jaharmi on Jan 02, '02 04:58:03PM

You shouldn't be able to rename the printer in the Chooser. To do that, you'll need the specific utility for the printer, or perhaps a more generic one like the Apple LaserWriter Utility or the HP JetAdmin program.

And if you change *that* name with either of those utilities, that changes the name broadcast on your AppleTalk network, most definitely. Because that's what those utilities change.

It's much like changing the name broadcast by your computer when you turn on File Sharing -- you change that in the File Sharing control panel (OS 9) or the Sharing control panel (OS X).

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