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Using this hack with DJ 870 over at
Authored by: bullcreek on Nov 26, '01 02:42:35PM

I'm trying to get this to work with a DeskJet 870cxi via appletalk (I don't have the print server -- under OS9, I simply selected the printer over appletalk using the Chooser).

I've gotten as far as setting up the printer definitions. For the "lp" printer, an entry for "rm" is required. In the example, it's an IP address. I'm assuming to get to my appletalk printer, I'm going to have to enter something with an appletalk address, but I'm unsure of the form. Should it be something like <at://deskjet870C:DeskWriter>? The experiment given at the top of the document did work, BTW -- I was able to get the printer to print the sample pcl file using the commands supplied.

Anyone else gotten this config to work?

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Using this hack with DJ 870 over at
Authored by: balthisar on Nov 26, '01 06:04:47PM

Hi Bullcreek!

Try something akin to this:

Look at the lpd.filter file, the last line:
exec $GS -dNOPAUSE -q -dBATCH -sDEVICE=cdj550 -r600 -sOutputFile=\|/usr/local/lib/lpd/lpr_spooler -

If you make the -sOutputFile paramater look like this:


You should be able to get this to work. Don't forget the hyphen at the end of the line; that still needs to stay there (it's not part of the -sOutputFile parameter).

You'll need to find the path to atprint and put it in the file. I'm at a Windows box, so I can't find the path for you right now, but Sherlock ought to be able to tell you. Once you get this working, you can safely delete the printer lp from the print center and netinfo, since you won't be printing to lp (you'll use atprint directly).

Since you said the "trick" using atprint worked for you, good, that means you know the AppleTalk address. You *MAY* need to use the -sOutputFile parameter a little differently than I just said:
-sOutputFile=\|"/path-to-atprint/atprint deskwriter970:DeskWriter"
...where I used my own appletalk address and you should use yours. Note that I put in quotes for this line, 'cos I think they're needed due to the space in the parameter. Try the experiment with and without quotes (sorry I can't do this myself right now; I'm nowhere near my Macs!).

If you can't get it to work like this, revert back the original lpd.filter file, and change the the lpr_spooler file to chnage this:
/usr/bin/lpr -v -h -Plp
to this:
/path-to-atprint/atprint deskwriter970:DeskWriter

Please let us know if this works!

IMPORTANT NOTE: okay, I can't seem to make a backslash here, so be aware that in EVERY instance of the -sOutputFile= above, there should be a backslash right before the pipe character, to wit:

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Using this hack with DJ 870 over at
Authored by: bullcreek on Nov 27, '01 05:04:44PM
Yay! I finally got this to work! Thanks very much for your help. As it turns out, the second suggestion you offered, with the appletalk address appended and with quotes, worked. One problem with the config you had and the DJ870cxi. When specified for 600dpi output, things printed about twice normal size. When I changed the output resolution to 300dpi, things looked normal. Suggestion to all: Be sure to check the page setup before attempting to print. Unless the correct printer is selected and the output options are correct, you can get weird results. First thing I printed came out at like 14,000 x enlargement. I'm also getting some kind of weird blue background when printing from Entourage, but this doesn't seem to happen with anything else. Here's what my lpd.filter file looks like:

exec $GS -dNOPAUSE -q -dBATCH -sDEVICE=cdj550 -r300 -sOutputFile=|"/usr/bin/atprint deskjet870C:DeskWriter" -
Thanks again!

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HP Appletalk printers and CUPS
Authored by: anthonyseven on Nov 12, '02 05:38:26PM

I posted a procedure at

to fix a problem where HP Appletalk printers tend to hang. My post was in response to another post about how to get an unsupported Appletalk-capable HP DeskJet to work with CUPS & Mac OSX. Hope this helps.

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