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Re: IPv4 "just fine"
Authored by: pdxguy on Jan 23, '04 06:48:47AM
bmerlin: I think your remarks are uncalled for. I posted a comment asking how to turn-off IPv6. I would expect comments along the lines of "you can't turn it off", or "your system will not boot if you do", or "here's how...", or even "you shouldn't do it because..". But your jump to the broad conclusion that I'm stymying innovation because I ask this question is not reasonable or productive IMHO.

You say the technical improvements (of IPv6) will greatly benefit the internet, and by abstraction myself, but you fail to list them. Tell me what they are and how I will benefit from using them; I may decide to use IPv6 but you fail to provide me any convincing reason to do so.

I think you would do best to understand me and what I do much, much more before jumping to any conclusions, let alone ones about my mentality. Just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, is that I compile and install from source the latest versions of Apache, php, mySQL, Cyrus-SASL, Mozilla, Sendmail, and many others including Darwin as well. And when I code webpages I do use XHTML and CSS 2 as well. I mention this information, although I believe it to be irrelevant to my question, to show again that your ad hominem attack is without merit.

If you don't like what I said, please present a good argument about why what I said is wrong and/or suggest something better. To make unsubstantiated and denigrating remarks about me, based on one question, is again uncalled for.


Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must first be overcome.
-- Samuel Johnson

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Re: IPv4 "just fine"
Authored by: jecwobble on Jan 23, '04 09:49:23AM

At the risk of encouraging more 'flamage,' - Well put. For the most part, I frequent this website because of it's educational and useful collective knowledge. I visit no blogs and the like, because frankly, I don't need to know a stranger's heated opinions.

And thank you, too, for throwing in a new (to me) adjective that I had to crack open a dictionary for. See, educational.

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Re: IPv4 "just fine"
Authored by: bobw on Jan 23, '04 11:14:46AM

A little Googling answers your questions;

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