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Authored by: Hes Nikke on Nov 13, '01 08:28:59PM

ClassiHac doesn't seem to work with 10.1.1. here is what happened: installed the update, and then forced the updater to quit (i like my uptime :)) and it wasn't a big deal. i had classic running buffered at the time i ran the update and after i force-quit the updater. i started to play a song in iTunes and turned on the visualizer. at that point the screen turned blue with the rainbow curser in the corner then in a minute i got the login screen (it logged me out...) i logged back in, started classihack (along with iTunes, DragThing, SystemPrefs, DesktopConsole, Terminal, BBEdit, LoadinDock, Memory Monitor, and Super Get Info) as soon as classic finished starting up, my screen turned blue and i got the login screen. at that point i restarted (in verbose :)) and logged in again. opened all of the above, and when classic finished booting, login screen (ARG!) this time i logged in and didn't let ClassiHack open Classic, i started it the old fashioned and ugly way. classic finished booting and everything is running smoothly (though with unbuffered classic windows, it is _ugly_

btw, i noticed a slightly od thing during my verbose boot. here is the odd part from my /var/log/system.log

AirPortFirmware: Initializing
AirPortFirmware: Probing
AirPortFirmware: Starting
alog - FirmwareProc: newVers = 0x00080008
alog - >>>>>>>>>>>> B E G I N D O W N L O A D <<<<<<<<<<<<
alog - 1
alog - 2
ATIRage128: using AGP
alog - 3
alog - 4
alog - 5
alog - 6
alog - 7
alog - 8
alog - 9
alog - >>>>>>>>>>>> E N D D O W N L O A D <<<<<<<<<<<<
FirmwareNub: postCommand succeeded!
AirPortFirmware: Stopping
AirPortFirmware: Freeing

it seems that the new AirPort software updated the firmware on my airport card when i was supposed to be looking :) thats a little spooky if you ask me. (when i saw it go by in verbose, i didn't notice the firmware part, i just saw the begin download, all the alog's and the end download - thats made it even weirder!)

btw, my system is paging to and from disk a lot more now that it has been in the past. i don't like it! (running with 384 MB of RAM)

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Authored by: marcusha on Nov 14, '01 04:09:18AM

uhhhh... maybe they do that restart thing after an install for a reason!

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