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Authored by: las_vegas on Dec 11, '03 02:01:44AM
DRDeviceSupportLevel is not a supported variable in the DR Profile. I did extensive research of the code to determine what exactly could be defined in the profile. Bellow is the list I came up with.

There are some interesting options in there! For instance, 'DRDeviceAppleDVDAuthoringDevice' might be interesting... :) Note that I set ~ where I know the default.

Any illegal item or illegal value will disable profile.

DR Profile Layout:

Root (Array)
	DRDevicePersonalities (Array/Dictionary)

		DRDeviceAlternateVendorNames (Array/String)
		DRDeviceProductName (String) Name		*Required*
		DRDeviceVendorName (String) Vendor		*Required*
		DRDeviceFirmwareRevision (String)

	DRDeviceProfile (Dictionary)

		DRDeviceActualVendorName (String)
		DRDeviceAppleDVDAuthoringDevice (Boolean) Yes/No
		DRDeviceBlankProgressMethod (String) none/~progress/information
		DRDeviceBlankProgressBackwardsForCD (Boolean) Yes/~No
		DRDeviceBlankProgressBackwardsForDVD (Boolean) Yes/~No
		DRDeviceDescription (String)
		DRDeviceMaxReadSize (Number)
		DRDeviceMaxReadSpeed (Number)
		DRDeviceMaxWriteSize (Number)
		DRDeviceMaxWriteSpeed (Number)
		DRDeviceNeedsEjectAfterBurnForCD (Boolean) Yes/~No
		DRDeviceNeedsEjectAfterBurnForDVD (Boolean) Yes/~No
		DRDeviceNeedsEjectAfterEraseForCD (Boolean) Yes/~No
		DRDeviceNeedsEjectAfterEraseForDVD (Boolean) Yes/~No
		DRDeviceNeedsZeroLengthWrite (Boolean) Yes/~No
		DRDeviceOverrideCanEraseCDComplete (Boolean) No/~Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanEraseCDQuick (Boolean) No/~Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanEraseDVDComplete (Boolean) No/~Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanEraseDVDQuick (Boolean) No/~Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanTestWriteCD (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanTestWriteDVD (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanUnderrunProtectCD (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanUnderrunProtectDVD (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteCDR (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteCDRaw (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteCDRW (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteCDSAO (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteCDTAO (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteCDText (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteDVDDAO (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteDVDPlusR (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteDVDPlusRW (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteDVDR (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteDVDRW (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteDVDRAM (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteDVDRW (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteIndexPoints (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteISRC (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteSCMS (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideLoadingMechanismCanEject (Boolean) No/~Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideLoadingMechanismCanInject (Boolean) No/~Yes
		DRDeviceOverrideLoadingMechanismCanOpen(Boolean) No/~Yes
		DRDeviceSynchronizeCacheCanUseImmediate (Boolean) No/Yes
		DRDeviceValidBurnSpeedsForCD (String)  Integer Array*
		DRDeviceValidBurnSpeedsForDVD (String)  Integer Array*
		DRDeviceValidCDSAOPregaps (String) Integer Array*
		DRDeviceValidCDTAOPregaps (String) Integer Array*
		DRDeviceValidOpCodes (String) Integer Array*

	DRDeviceProfileVersion (Number) 1

*Integer Array:
	comma separated array of one or more x where:
		x = integer
		[..x] = all integers prior inclusive
		[x..x] = all integers between inclusive
		[x..] = all integers after inclusive
		123			Only 123
		4, 8, 16		Only 4, 8 and 16
		[4..]			From 4 on...
		[24..32]		Only from 24 to 32
		[..32], [37..]		All except 33 to 36
		[..10], [24..32], [34..]	All except 11 to 23 and 33

Hope this helps someone!

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Authored by: dasmith59 on Dec 27, '03 09:02:52AM

I believe all of this works and I would love to be able to use my Plextor PX-708UF drive with my Ti-G4 powerbook. I am one of the "Mom and Pop" types that needs more info/help on implementing these hints. I am a user but not a programmer. Any help would be appreciated. Keep up the good work.

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