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Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 17, '00 01:59:27PM

It is unfortunate that you have turned to the Mac now. Due to the switch between Classic and current MacOS, Apple decided to revamp its gui and throw out all those cool things that made the Mac a mac.

Unfortunately there is no documentation out there that gives out those hints because I don't believe Apple included any.

As an old mac user this is both frustrating and frightening. The reliance on a command line for things is a step back and not a next step.

The only quickkeys I can offer are the ones ou see in the Menus. Other than that, option clicking to close a window closes all windows of similar types...

I could give you a million and one tips about the old GUI but this new one has fewer features than Windows. Good luck to ya.

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New vs. old
Authored by: robg on Nov 17, '00 02:11:06PM

"ClassicMacUser" - the reason there are
no tips here about new vs. old is that the
purpose of this site is to discuss the new.

There are plenty of sites out there that are
covering the changes from old to new,
and the pros/cons of the switch.

MacOSXHints, however, is dedicated to
creating a public database of information
on how to use the new system; not a
database comparing the new to the old.


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Oh, come on. Get with it...
Authored by: mingking on Dec 22, '02 09:03:48PM

I can understand some frustration in moving from old to new, but 'a step back'? Come on. There's plenty of the Classic stuff in OS X as well as plenty of advances. The fact that Apple has written an entirely new OS with a real future, plus it is 'mostly' the same as a Mac Classic is an admirable achievement and just the start of things to come. Try migrating from OS 9 to Windows XP. Now there's a paradigm shift.

You know, there are plenty of people that would *never* use a Mac just *because* it doesn't have a CLI. Apple needs to expand its customer base to be competitive and not get stuck in a bubble. They needed to make the changes they did, and they need to do it over time.

Now, you may not appreciate it, but a CLI can be immensely useful. It's just another tool at your disposal, like PhotoShop or whatever, and you can choose not to use it if you wish. But by denegrating it as 'backwards' just shows that you don't know how to use it, not that it isn't useful. I would highly recommend that you look into it - it may be able to help you too. Just think of it like learning any other application. Yes, it has a steep learning curve, but in the long run it is worth it. Or don't...

Over time more and more GUI things will happen in OS X. Apple's primary focus is in making their OS easier to use than 'the other dark meat'. But they also need to do things that make the platform viable for people other than the OS 9 installed base. OS X will just get better and better. That's great. The future looks very bright for OS X. But right now there are things I can do with it that could never be done on a Mac before because I have spent the time to learn how to use it. I suggest you stop whining and get cracking on learning some new stuff. Or don't...

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