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dev tools required?
Authored by: dsauve on Nov 08, '01 11:07:10PM

This is some good stuff about using NetIno. How long will it take before there is a complete guide to all the NI database options? The lack of concrete directions on setting up mounts and exports etc. is a huge flaw in OSX. A concise guide to the essential functions would make all the difference. I've managed to get parts of it working, but there are obvious holes in what I need and what I have.

I did get a copy of OSX Server installed and played with it for a few weeks. What OSX lacks, Server has. They're basically the same thing, except for those configuration apps. In fact, I wonder if I could just copy those apps over to OSX and use them there.

The reason why I'm not using Server now though is because of the way Apple has configured Apache. The Apple version is very particular. And if I'm going to customize it anyway, why bother using Apple's with all the Server's overhead?

I bring the subject of Server up mainly for one reason. I noticed that when you fully configure your system using Server, the NetInfo database fields get populated. The special GUI apps that Server has end up storing everything in NI anyway. So really, one could set up Server using the gui, and then document what fields are generated and what values the fields get. Then with that info, you could populate NI w/o spending the $ on Server.

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netinfo docs
Authored by: dreness on Nov 09, '01 12:04:36AM
Apple has a fairly in depth exploration of netinfo available here: UnderstandingUsingNetinfo.pdf. Also, man 5 netinfo has more specific information about what you'll find in the netinfo database (though it doesn't address the additions made by the dev tools...) hope this helps, -dre

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netinfo docs
Authored by: dsauve on Nov 09, '01 05:40:33PM

That NI doc isn't much help. It's mostly high-level. Were you able to set up domains using it? I wasn't. The Server Admin guide goes into more detail and shows step by step how to set up the Server features, but I get lost trying to set up the DNS and bind stuff. And from what I can tell off the Apple Server forums, local networks need a DNS for domains to work. That's why I gave up on Server for now.

At the moment, I'm trying to figure out how to export my Users mount to other machines ... it mounts fine at startup using fstab, so I tried setting up an /etc/export file but that didn't seem to work. So I'm guessing I need to use NetInfo ...

Like I wrote eariler, the Admin guide goes into detail about setting up NFS and AFP ... I'll probably have to configure it in Server-land, figure out how NI is modified, and then use that in regular OSX. Backwards engineer it.

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dev tools required?
Authored by: mert on Nov 14, '01 01:28:37PM

I was able to get this to work without having dev tools installed. It worked the first time and I did not have to deviate from the directions.

Regarding NetInfo...
I'm with dsauve, where does one get some "meaty" documentation about NetInfo? That PDF from Apple (Understanding and Using NetInfo) is too high level. I want to know what all the available properties and values are, and what they are used for. How was this sharepoints hint figured out? Trial and error? Mimicking what OS X Server did?

All you NetInfo gurus (or wannabees), please have a look at this thread on the Apple Discussion board (you can probably skip down to message #9) and help out if you can:^1@.ef7d12d


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