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This doesn't work, but here's what Palm Inc says
Authored by: wealthychef on Nov 07, '03 11:38:58AM

I tried reinstalling as root. That did not work. Here is what Palm says to do. Basically, they are pointing to Stuffit as the issue. I haven't tried this yet, just passing it on for the record.

Dear Rich,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. I understand that you are unable
to install Palm(TM) Desktop software version 4.1 on the Macintosh(R)

Rich, in order to resolve this issue you will need to first install the
latest update of the Stuffit Engine updater 8.0.1 on your computer, then
uninstall the Palm Desktop software completely from your computer
including the installer file, redownload the Palm Desktop software from
our Web site and then install the Palm Desktop software on your
computer. I suggest that you please follow the steps mentioned below to
resolve the issue.

<< Installing Stuffit Engine updater 8.0.1 on your computer >>

Please visit the following Web site to download and install the Stuffit
Engine updater 8.0.1 on your Mac computer. Please click on the URL

You can download Palm Desktop software version 4.1 for Macintosh
computer from the following URL:

<< Uninstall Palm Desktop >>

The best way to fully uninstall Palm(TM) Desktop from Macintosh OS® X
and above is by using the Uninstall feature, which is found at the
Install screen of the Palm Desktop installer.

Note: The Palm Desktop application is located in the Applications folder
of Mac Hard Drive in a folder named Palm. Your personal data in OSX
found in the Users directory: Hard Drive/Users/personal

*Uninstall Palm Desktop*

1. Double-click the Palm Desktop installer from the CD.

NOTE: If you do not have the Palm Desktop CD, you can download the
installer file from our Web site at:

2. Click Continue at the Read Me file prompt, then select Agree at the
License Agreement form prompt.

3. Click Easy Install and select Uninstall.

4. Place a check mark besides Palm Desktop Software.

5. Click the uninstall button.

6. When pointing the Uninstall utility, please point it at the Palm
folder in the Applications folder.

7. Restart your computer.

After the Restart, please search via Sherlock for any of the following
files. Please be aware of where your information is located and that it
does not get accidentally removed (Refer above for the path).

Do not trash everything under a search for PALM. Trash only the files
that are part of the Palm Desktop application. When in doubt consult
"Show Info". This will tell you whether it is Palm file or not.

Note: In Macintosh OS X the file you want information on, may need to be
accessed directly rather than through Sherlock.

*Searching the Hard Disk*

1. Open Sherlock.

2. Search your Macintosh Hard Drive for the following files:

Palm HotSync (folder and all contents)
Palm Desktop *anyfile*
HotSync *anyfile*
User Data...TF (with and without additional numerals)
Transport Monitor

3. Do not remove the following files, they are not Palm Desktop files:

Palm Sync Installer (Outlook Express)
Palm folder in 'Users' profile.

<< Install Palm Desktop >>

Please follow the steps provided below to install the Palm(TM) Desktop
software on a Macintosh® computer.

<<Before installing Palm Desktop software>>

Before installing the Palm Desktop software on your Macintosh, there are
a few settings that should be verified on the computer. File Sharing
should be Off, and AppleTalk® should be Inactive if you are using a
stand-alone computer. If you are using a Macintosh on a Network, you
may wish to leave the AppleTalk On. However, disabling AppleTalk often
helps with establishing HotSync® connections.

*Turning File Sharing OFF*

1. Click the Apple Menu, then select System Preferences.

2. Click on Sharing.

3. Stop the File Sharing by clicking on the Stop button.

*Disabling AppleTalk*

1. Click the Apple Menu, then select System Preferences.

2. Click on Network and select AppleTalk.

Note: For AppleTalk to be visible under Network on your Macintosh, you
have to configure your Macintosh for an Ethernet connection setup.

3. Uncheck the box next to ?Make AppleTalk Active?.

<<Installing Palm Desktop on a Macintosh computer>>

NOTE: If you do not have the Palm Desktop CD that was shipped with your
Palm handheld computer, you can download a full copy of Palm Desktop
version 4.1 for Macintosh from our Web site at:

1. Insert the Palm Desktop software CD into the CD-ROM Drive. This
should place the Palm Desktop CD icon on your Macintosh desktop.
Double-clicking this icon will open the Palm Desktop folder that
contains the Installer file. Double-click the installer icon to begin.
(If you have downloaded the Palm Desktop for Macintosh, simply
double-click the Installer icon.)

2. A window should appear informing you that you are about to install
the Palm Desktop software.

3. Click Continue, and proceed through the windows until you arrive at
the Installer window.

4. In the upper-left corner, click the drop-down menu and select Easy
Install if you want the Mac OS to install all applications associated
with the Palm Desktop software. Select Custom Install if you wish to
set your own preferences during installation. We suggest the Easy
Install for the installation of the Palm Desktop.

5. Click the Install button in the lower portion of the window. This
should bring up a window asking you where you would like to install the
Palm Desktop software on your hard drive (select the Applications

6. Once you have selected the location for the Palm Desktop software,
click Choose in the lower-right corner of the window. The installation
should begin and a status bar should appear, indicating the number of
items to be installed.

7. This should bring up the Palm Setup Assistant window, and you should
be prompted to set up the HotSync® Manager software. Click Next.

8. If you are installing the Palm Desktop software for the first time or
after uninstallation, select the 'Create new user' radio button and
click Next. If you have been using Palm Desktop software and are
upgrading, select the ?Locate existing users? radio button, then click

9. Proceed with the onscreen instructions until the 'Installation was
successful' window appears. Click OK and restart your Macintosh

Palm, Inc. would like to thank you for your continued patronage. Palm,
Inc. values you as a customer and we look forward to helping you in any
way we can.

For further questions you may send another e-mail message or use our
telephone support at:

(847) 262- PALM (7256)

PLEASE NOTE: Palm handheld products may be subject to a telephone
technical support fee of $25 per incident after 90 days from the date of
purchase. However, if it is determined your handheld requires repair or
if we are unable to resolve the issue, this fee will be waived.

U.S. customers may also purchase the Palm On Call Plan, which provides a
full year of telephone technical support. For more details about this
plan, please visit our Web site at:

To learn more about Palm handhelds, software updates, set up guides and
other solutions, be sure to visit the palmOne, Inc. support web site at:

Please take some time to complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey that
will be e-mailed to you for this case. Your response will help us in
our ongoing effort to continually improve our customer support services.
Thank you!


Pierce M.

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StuffIt Matters if you START with 8.0
Authored by: wcattey on Feb 04, '04 05:24:57PM

Mine is one of those cleanly installed Panther systems
that refuses to sync. I have tried EVERYTHING, and I have
this additional information to offer:

<begin pointy hat mode>

I extracted PalmDesktopMac41E.sit
with both StuffIt 8.0.2 and StuffIt 7.0.3.

The resulting Palm\ Desktop\ Installer hierarchies are BIT FOR BIT IDENTICAL.

I believe that 8.0.2 matters if you have StuffIt 8, but not StuffIt 7


I have two iMac systems, a 15 inch that is a year old, and a 17 inch that is a couple months old.

The 15 and 17 inch models place their USB ports in different places, so I believe the Logic board on the two are SIGNIFCANTLY different.

BOTH systems were, "Erase the disk and install MacOS 10.3" systems. Both were then updated to 10.3.2.

Using my PalmVx and the SAME Palm-branded USB serial cable, the OLD iMac WILL sync. The NEW iMac will NOT sync.

I believe that copying in libraries from 10.2 is not necessarily an issue.

I am now trying to figure out how to run tests the idea that it's the vintage of the USB on the logic board that matters.

<end pointy hat mode>


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This doesn't work, but here's what Palm Inc says
Authored by: robandale on Sep 06, '04 04:31:32PM

This advice worked for me, but only when I first logged in as root.

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