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10.3: Enable AppleTalk server browsing
Authored by: mm2270 on Oct 30, '03 11:57:06AM

I've been trying to figure out myself why Apple chose to mess with the Connect To.. dialog in Panther the way they did. It seems so much less functional than the previous version. However, in that empty window, if you click the "Browse" button, it will bring you to the Network window, so in a sense they're connected, because opening the Network window is actually browsing.

Now, even after enabling AppleTalk using this hint, I still can't actually browse an Appletalk network the way I did in Jaguar. I have to actually double-click the "Local" folder inside the Network window to see any AppleTalk servers. I wish Apple had left this area alone. It was working fine before. If they wanted to add something useful how about a nice GUI way to make servers mount at startup without resorting to making them log-in items??

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10.3: Enable AppleTalk server browsing
Authored by: geofflane on Oct 30, '03 12:18:01PM

They did the connect to in case you wanted to connect to a server that was not publicly browseable or was on a different subnet. Most of those services use some kind of broadcast to announce their availability, but those broadcasts (for obvious reasons) don't route across subnets.

Remember you can use it to mount ftp, web dav and other remote file stores than just NFS, SMB or AFS which generally are not publicly available across the internet.

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10.3: Enable AppleTalk server browsing
Authored by: brianw on Oct 30, '03 01:02:59PM

It's all well and good to make it easy to manually enter server names or IP addresses. BUT, that functionality already existed in Jaguar and was just as easy to get to. It's just that now simple networking is much harder to use. For example, servers selected from the Network pane no longer mount on the desktop and are difficult to eject. The only way to tell that a server is mounted is that the icon gets Slightly Greyer. Disconnecting a PowerBook from a network without noticing a Slightly Greyer icon eventually results (for me) in a system hang--something that didn't occur in Jag. There are several discussions about this going on in Apple's support forums; the general consensus (imho) seems to be "this is screwed up, big time."

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10.3: Enable AppleTalk server browsing
Authored by: mm2270 on Oct 30, '03 03:05:24PM
Actually there appears to be 2 types of "mounts' in Jaguar. I'm no expert in this area, but I believe the mounted server you referred to is called a dynamic mount, as opposed to a static mount, which would make the share show up on the Desktop. I'm currently connected to my OS X Server via dynamic mount. They don't appear on the Desktop, but I can get to them thru the Network window and opening Local, as I had mentioned in my previous post.

However, I can make them mount statically by typing in the IP address in the new Panther Connect to.. dialog and entering the necessary credentials there. I could be wrong about which is which, but I do know that you can mount any share (smb, afp, ftp) on the Desktop, so it's clearly visible that you're connected.

Despite all this, I agree with your general assessment that Apple messed up connecting to servers in Panther. I don't see why they couldn't have just added a "Browse" button on the old Connect To... window from Jaguar to achieve the same function.
It's really all give and take though, because in Jag I couldn't see past my local subnet of our company network. With Panther, I can now "see" PC servers from here (NYC) all the way to Seattle (sister companies) because they're all part of the same network. That's a big boon for connectivity, so it seems like Panther is a giant leap forward in general connectivity, and a step (or two) backward for ease of use.

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Couldn't agree more...
Authored by: natecook on Oct 30, '03 07:12:13PM

There seems to be a disconnect happening in the interface. You'd like the server to show up in the left-hand column when mounted (as a FireWire drive would), but to do that you have Cmd-K and remember the URL to the server. I really prefer the new GUI for getting to servers, since it's "always on" in a sense, but once you've connected to the server you have to keep going the same route to get to those files...

Network -> Local -> My Server -> etc.... :(

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