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10.3: Expose Corners
Authored by: yadgor on Oct 26, '03 02:18:01AM
Ok, I did some playing around an this is what I found.
This will make little gray semi-circles appear in the corners
defaults write wvous-showcorners -bool true

These refer to the exposÚ corners:
tl=Top Left, tr=Top Right, bl=Bottom Left, br=Bottom Right
defaults write wvous-tl-corner -int x
Replace 'tl' with what corner you want, and 'x' with a number between 1 and 6. The number is the action that is performed by exposÚ 1=Nothing, the semicircle will disappear 2=All Windows 3=Application windows 4=Desktop 5=Start Screen Saver 6=Disable Screen Saver All these can be set from the ExposÚ preference pane.

This will change the Desktop effect. Instead of moving all the windows to the edges of the screen, it puts them all in a small box that can be dragged around the screen.

defaults write wvous-olddesktop -bool false
Anyone had any luck with the others?

Do it today because tomorrow it may be illegal.

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10.3: Expose Corners
Authored by: magenta on Oct 26, '03 03:36:33AM

When I set wvous-olddesktop to "no" to get the hyperzoomy effect, as soon as I zoomed to desktop then back, all metal windows stopped responding to mouse clicks - including Finder! So apparenly that effect was disabled because of some really weird interaction with the window server or something.

It's a shame, too, because that effect is much cooler than the windows all flying to the edge of the screen, and it could probably be argued that it's better for usability too (since it preserves spatial memory and so on).

Also, when I enabled the semicircles, the entire UI froze up as soon as I tried any Expose action (though iTunes kept on playing).

It might make a difference that I'm just running on a G4/450 with a Rage 128. (I'm getting a Radeon soon, honest!)

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10.3: Expose Corners
Authored by: aranor on Oct 27, '03 06:12:39PM

Wow, I love the olddesktop effect!

BTW, metal windows work perfectly fine for me after using it.

Erm, nevermind. The Preview button just stopped working until I scrolled the scrollbar manually (scroll wheel didn't work). But it's working now after trying the exposÚ effect again. Weird.

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10.3: Expose Corners
Authored by: aranor on Oct 27, '03 07:07:52PM

Actually, I know the problem now. It leaves an invisible window (I assume) in the area where the windows shrink to that sucks up all clicks in that area. So wherever you place the tiny window, you can't click. Turning olddesktop back on fixes it, though.

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10.3: Expose Corners
Authored by: aranor on Oct 27, '03 06:07:42PM

I figured out wvous-spring and wvous-spring-delay.

By default, if you drag a file (or probably any drag, but only tested with files from the Desktop) to an ExposÚ'd window (i.e. start drag, start ExposÚ, drag to window) and hover over a window for 1 second, it will flash and select itself. Just like spring-loaded folders (Space works for selecting the window as well).

If you do <tt>defaults write wvous-spring -bool false</tt> and restart the Dock, this behaviour disappears. To restore, do <tt>-bool true</tt> instead (or do a <tt>defaults delete wvous-spring</tt>).

To change the delay before the spring, set wvous-spring-delay. The value is an integer in milliseconds (i.e. 1000 == 1 second). For example, to set it to 2 seconds, type <tt>defaults write wvous-spring-delay -int 2000</tt>.

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10.3: Expose Corners
Authored by: aranor on Oct 27, '03 06:09:23PM
D'OH! I did it again. The relevant code snippets were:
defaults write wvous-spring -bool false
-bool true
defaults delete wvous-spring
defaults write wvous-spring-delay -int 2000

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small box bug
Authored by: r0n on Jun 30, '04 07:04:10AM
I┬┤ve had bad luck with the small box feature:
defaults write wvous-olddesktop -bool false
resulting in mouse clicks were not recognized at the screen position of the small box - Whenever i was clicking in some app window around that area the small box would reside nothing happened.

This was driving me crazy for i had to shift the windows to get the mouse click working, and i was seeking some weeks to find the reason why...

So i got back to the old fashined way again.

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small box bug
Authored by: Zo-1 on Jun 30, '04 04:32:39PM

Sure, it's the easy way - but fact is, The Blob, from crabby apple software, allows a set and forget blob. . . .of your own design! I'm always on a Powerbook, thus forever obsessing over screen real estate - but maybe you don't like overly-large glossy blue circles either.

Drop any graphic on The Blob's window. Now I have about a half-inch unobstrusive, pale blue green square in the corner below A-Dock's trash. That's plenty large as mouse/trackpad target.

Yeah, you have to enable the blob in Cocktail, Onyx, shell, whatever. Try the "desktop square" option. . very cool.

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10.3: Expose Corners
Authored by: Batshua on Jul 20, '04 01:27:02AM

Okay, I'm a little lost, so please bear with me. I used OnyX to turn on the blob and now the windows don't go to the sides when I hit F10.

If I go to Terminal and type

"defaults write wvous-olddesktop -bool true"

minus the quotes, will that fix it?

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10.3: Expose Corners
Authored by: Batshua on Jul 20, '04 01:36:31AM


F11. The one that's supposed to show the desktop.

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