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Readable Script
Authored by: nox on Oct 09, '03 01:30:46PM

Script got screwed up , heres the script again below
Remember to chmod +x "yourfile" after script is made.
This Script is assuming that the image is located in the same directory, and it is running of a firewire drive. From terminal prompt I type :

cd /Volumes/Firewire
./go ( I've named my script go , but to run it you must type ./ in front )

# ASR Image Bash Script
# Manuel Plascencia Alhambra School District

# Apple System Restores from "Source" Macintosh_asr.dmg to "target" /Volumes/Macintosh HD/ (Make sure Target Volume has the correct name)

# -erase "erases target volume first"
# -nocheck "skips checksum" ( this will cut your cloning in half )
# -noprompt "will continue cloning with other user interaction"

asr -source Macintosh_asr.dmg -target /Volumes/Macintosh HD/ -erase -nocheck -noprompt

#Put a Stupid message
Echo Alhambra School District !!!!
Echo Echo Done !!!
Echo Echo Enjoy !!!

#This will reboot machine once cloning is complete.
#You will hear the reboot chime which will give you
#notification of clone completion.


#End Script

Hopes this helps someone.

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Readable Script
Authored by: seann on Oct 10, '03 04:17:48AM

don't you'd think you'd benefit from netbooting the install images, and installing them over the network, rather than lug a drive around?

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Lugging around
Authored by: nox on Oct 11, '03 02:07:52PM

Firewire drive fit in your pocket , and they weigh nothing . Besides all 150+ eMacs are in one location , in boxes. Netboot would be 4 times as slow and that is not including the Bandwidth that would be shared with X amount of eMacs , cloning would crawl unless i had a Gigabit Switch. in comparison, firewire is the Best solution.

If Symantec or Apple , made a Cloning program that would be close to " PC GHOST" that would be awesome. Multicast Broadcast Cloning , Over a Gigabit Switch would be FAST. Or if Apple would include Firewire Over IP in the ROM then I could Daisy chain A bunch of emacs to one Firewire Drive . Theres So many ways just the Tech is not here ...

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What about old iMacs?
Authored by: mdale7 on Oct 11, '03 08:20:08PM

This method is all well and good, assuming that the machines are all Firewire enabled. What about older iMacs or the non-DV models. I was physically taking out the drives, putting them into a firewire bay and using Carbon Copy Cloner to clone them from a master drive.

Not only did this take hours (I did 65 iMacs), but added the possibility of damaging the machines.

We don't have an XServe or anything fancy at this particular school site, so is there some tricky command line work around?



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What about old iMacs?
Authored by: mccallister on Oct 18, '03 11:39:44AM

Create a bootup OSX CD as mentioned, boot up the old iMac from that CD, and connect up to a network share that has the image.

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