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Authored by: balthisar on Sep 25, '03 01:42:44PM

Well, I'm one of those that voted to make the Apple ][ the leading category so far. The question, though, "What's the first Apple operating system you used on a regular basis," of course doesn't reflect those of use that used other machines even before then. In my case, a Commodore PET -- yeah, I'm young and never touched a punched card in my life.

I'll confess something else -- I detested the Apple ][ in those days and pretty much detested anything having to do with Apple. I was a Commodore fan -- VIC-20, C=64, and finally a C=128. Apples, then, were pretty much crummy pieces of junk as far as I was concerned. Comparing the same today I think I'd still be a Commodore fan.

I started liking Macs the first time I used a Mac Plus in 1988 in the high school's journalism program. There was zero learning curve, since I used GEOS on the C=128 at home (I was actually the only one in my class allowed on the Mac for a while -- everyone else on the trash-80's). This was at the same time the "official" computer lab was using Tandy IBM-clones with MS-DOS, WordStar, and Turbo Pascal. So I had a really early bias against clones (what we call peecees or wintels or winboxen now).

--Jim (me)

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Ahh Nostalgia! Just dusted off some C64 games today for the new Power64!
Authored by: digitalee on Sep 28, '03 06:03:07AM
Followed a very similar timeline as yourself, Commodore PET being my first computer, to the C64 then moved straight to the Mac Classic from that after using some friends Apple ]['s and Pluses quite a bit earlier. I admit being intrigued by the Mac earlier than when I switched but couldn't really afford to switch machines at that young of an age. Recently I made a little graphic timeline of my computing history if you're interested. Still have my working Mac Classic! Anyone have any great ideas to revive it for, thought of installing ethernet and having an MP3 jukebox, or a mini recipe book for the kitchen, or a little electronic message board for everyone to leave notes on, or.......?

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Authored by: dansroka on Oct 09, '03 11:54:57AM

You wouldn't be my friend Jim from back in Orchard Park? :-) You sound just like him -- He was the Commodore guy and I was the Apple guy. Oh man, so many years ago now!

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Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 11, '03 03:21:12AM

Heh heh. That's interesting, I was the exact opposite. I had an Apple ][+, and learned to program in AppleSoft Basic and assembly. I was *so* unimpressed with my friends who had VIC 20s or C-64s. Maybe it was the C-64's blasted huge, colored screen border that bugged me for some reason. Oh, and that absurdly large & loud disk drive. Steve Wozniak would be forever classified a genius, if all he ever did was design the small, fast Apple Disk ][!

And then when the Mac came out, I was really quite unimpressed. How was I supposed to get anything done without a command line? I reluctantly switched over to a DOS PC in '87.

Then in '88, I heard about NeXT, and pined for one (though I could never afford it) continuously up through '98 and Apple's purchase of NeXT. When they announced Rhapsody, I bought an iMac to run it... but ended up running OS 8.x, 9.x, and OS X Server 1.x waiting for OS X finally to come out...

Sorry, more than you wanted to know. It just struck me as odd that the Commodore people went for the Mac, while some Apple ][ die-hards jumped ship when the Mac came out.

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