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While Remembering September 11th...
Authored by: amrc0308 on Sep 11, '03 07:25:35PM

does anyone else agree that our biggest weakness is the fact we cant get along? Some pay tribute in an open forum, and others hate it. WTF is with us? Im sure the terrorists see that, and use it against us. When someone close dies tragically you remember the day every year forever. We need to unite and show 100% solidarity 100% of the time instead of 100% solidarity <50% of the time

My heart for NYC, WA, PA, and all victims of terror.
God BLess US

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While Remembering September 11th...
Authored by: foobar104 on Sep 11, '03 08:21:08PM

We can't get along? Don't be absurd. How many Americans do you see blowing up pizza parlors? Our ability to get along is way, way above average.

We could do with fewer arrogant snotballs, of course...

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While Remembering September 11th...
Authored by: Ionas on Sep 11, '03 08:26:06PM

It's a little vague to say that a people, or at least, as in the case of americans, groups of people inhabiting the same geographic area, can be better or worse at getting along. I would find it safer to draw conclusions like that on a individual to individual basis. Your government is another thing. Currently, they are not very good at getting along with the world at all, hence the massive world-wide political oppostion towards the bush regime.

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While Remembering September 11th...
Authored by: vman on Sep 11, '03 08:56:43PM's 12 september now!!
[G4:~] vman% date
Fri Sep 12 02:35:59 CEST 2003


As a european I'm distantly mournful over the wtc-losses, but the more baffled over the Bush administration, and the whole hypocrisy behind the 'war on terror'-thing. Glad to see the overall considered & intelligent nature of opinions expressed in this thread.

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While Remembering September 11th...
Authored by: amrc0308 on Sep 12, '03 12:15:14AM

Well, so far Ive seen the following:

Pizza delivery people being blown up
Many school shootings
A 14 year old girl near my apartment who killed her 8 year old sister because the TV was too loud
A kid who liked the "grunge look" was beaten to death because of it.
Twice in two weeks people were shot just for fun in my city.
A fight after a car accident
Our own soldiers killing fellow soldiers because they dont want to be there( i agree with them there, but better ways to display that)
No more Commandments anywhere in public
Politicians trying to force their own views upon the country.
The bickering in Congress shortly after 9-11
Suits allowed against Boeing, United, AA, and the NYPA because of 9/11 (<~~BULL)
The posts in this forum
Where else in the world do you see arguments over gay preists/marriges?
It is my firm belief the terrorists are attempting to exploit our
inability to converge, in an attempt to make our country fall from within, and then move in. Much like wolves stalk cow herds looking for the weakest. Which is why I said we need to be united 100% of the time.
Yessir, only here in America can we see the aforementioned

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While Remembering September 11th...
Authored by: gedi on Sep 12, '03 12:21:29AM

Foorbar104, do you really think Americans have a better ability to get along than other people?

Who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma? Which country has (by far) the highest imprisonment rate in the world? Which country has used force to topple democratically elected governments in other countries? Which country illegally carpet-bombed Cambodia and Laos? Which country has *insane* murder rates? Which country sought to criple the United Nations and lie to the international community to justify its illegal and politically motivated invasion of Iraq?

I could go on for hours. Wake up. Open your eyes.

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While Remembering September 11th...
Authored by: grinnelljosh on Sep 11, '03 09:22:00PM

First, disagreement is healthy.

Second, there is no merit to the idea that terrorist are paying attention to internal debates. Unfortunately, too many people use egotistism to drive their thoughts regarding America's foreign policy. Yes, both people and nations have to look out for their own interests, but you have to wonder whose interests are truly being considered? Are Americans lives more important than Iraqis, considering the recent death tolls? (See

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