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A simpler method of direct-to-console booting
Authored by: darkhalf on Jul 22, '03 04:37:03PM

starta only goes into the deep blue screen with cursor, and never arrives at the login window. bummer.

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A simpler method of direct-to-console booting
Authored by: Darkshadow on Jul 22, '03 09:58:01PM

Ah! My error! I'll email Rob about it.

You need to run the startAqua script as root initially for it to work. Not sure why. (sudo will work, too).

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A simpler method of direct-to-console booting
Authored by: bluehz on Jul 23, '03 07:29:08AM
startAqua still does not work for me even as root. Couple of other oddities running in console: * Shutdown, does not seem to work. When I issue a shutdown command I get those odd "unreachable port" error msgs that just keeps repeating. Have to hold down the power for several secs - which is not the cleanest method of restarting.

  • I am running console mode on my ibook for some server testing - I can find no way to dim or disable the screen
  • Sleep is out of the question
  • Like everything Apple Terminal related - screen refresh on the console is abysmal... lines chug crawl up the screen (no color). Really sad when you manage to screw up a technology (console terminal) that has been around since the earliest days of computing, and known for its speed and low cpu usage.
If any one knows any solutions to the above - please post!

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A simpler method of direct-to-console booting
Authored by: Darkshadow on Jul 23, '03 11:41:10AM
Well, for the startAqua script, you can try taking off the console argument to the loginwindow & WindowServer. When I initially made the script, I didn't have those two lines and it worked for me - it was only later that I noticed those two arguments and edited my script.

The script works fine for me with those two arguments, but it's something to try.

As to the shutdown errors, I haven't seen them - what exactly is the command you're using to try to shut down? Using shutdown -h NOW always works for me.

I also believe the refresh issues with the console is actually dependent on your monitor, for some reason. I get a pretty quick refresh, but I also have a bug no one else I have talked to has - if I let the prompt get to the bottom of the screen, hitting return will either make the console think I hit it 5 times or everyonce in a while, 50 times. Interestingly, if I hit the enter key while this scrolling is going on, it'll stop immediately. I always forget to test if using the enter key exclusively will keep this weird bug from I'm not sure on that one.

The screen dimming and sleep should happen still - they're not actually tied to the system, but is part of the power management unit. You don't have a way to trigger it, as far as I know, but if you let the computer sit there without typing anything, the screen should still dim after you've been idle for awhile. I can't verify that the sleep works (as I don't actually have my machine ever go to sleep), but I do know the screen will dim. Typing any character will get it to come back awake after that. It may be that the console has a different set idle time than the system (in Aqua) does (I'm not sure of this, as I haven't ever thought to time it), but it will dim eventually.

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A simpler method of direct-to-console booting
Authored by: sallred on Sep 17, '04 01:09:18PM

I need a why to boot into console directly, not single user mode nor '>console'.

I have attempted to edit the ‘ttys' file without any success under 10.3.5 client. See example below:

console "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt100 on secure
#console "/System/Library/CoreServices/"
vt100 on secure window=/System/Library/CoreServices/
WindowServer inoption="/usr/libexec/getty std.9600"

I uncommented out from in front of the first line above and placed comment in front of the second one. Saved the file, and rebooted and now the client machine stalls on "Login Window starting" boot splash screen.

If anyone has some updated information on this would be great, please let me know.
Thank you,
Steven Allred

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