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I think my battery is beyond help!
Authored by: stevecopley on Jul 22, '03 04:48:05AM

Over the past few months my PowerBook G3 Firewire's battery has been holding less and less charge. It had got to the point where it would only give me about 25mins on battery, even after being plugged in all night. X-Charge would show a very steep drop-off as soon as the charger was un-plugged, I'd get a low-charge within a few minutes, and then the PB would shut off a few minutes later. (when new it was 3+ hours I think, certainly enough to watch a full DVD).

Things have taken a turn for the worse now. The battery will not charge at all. I have tried ALL of the hints listed here, and others...

- Reset the PMU (reset button on rear)
- Reset the PRAM (opt-cmd-P-R on boot)
- Reset-all in Open Firmware (opt-cmd-O-F on boot)
- Removing / Re-inserting battery repeatedly
- Booting into OS9 and trying to charge the battery overnight

All to no effect. The battery is recognised, but it firmly sits at 0%. X-Charge reports the following when the battery is removed and re-inserted...

2003-07-22 12:22:38: Battery removed
2003-07-22 12:22:43: Battery installed (current charge = 0%)
2003-07-22 12:22:43: Battery started charging (current charge = 0%)
2003-07-22 12:22:48: Battery stopped charging (current charge = 0%)

i.e. The system sees the battery, it starts to charge, then stops a few seconds later.

So... Is this a completely dead battery? It would seem so. Any other ideas?

I've had the PB for 2 years from new. A new battery will cost me £97 plus p&p which is not so bad, but obviously I'd prefer to get a bit more life out of this one first if possible!

All the best


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I think my battery is beyond help!
Authored by: claude on Sep 24, '03 06:17:16PM

I've got almost the same problem here, on a PowerBook G3, except that my battery has never been to the point of not being recognized. It always gets detected, under OSX, OS9 and Linux (I got three OSs on my Powerbook).
The problem is, it does not accept a charge. It sits there, at 0% for ever. Here too the OS used does not make the slightest difference. X-charge gives the same log, except it doesn't say the charge has stopped, but nevertheless, it remains at 0%.
I tried the above hint, also resetting the powermanager, resetting the PRAM (cmd-opt-P-R and let it chime 5 times) which also resets the NVRAM, if done from a cold start, but nothing helps.
I know the battery is not completely dead, as it still blinks, when in the PowerBook, and the Powerbook is plugged in and the little button on the battery is pressed. It blinks one of the LEDs for several seconds and that's it. Apparently batteries are only completely unrecoverably dead, when they don't even respond in that way anymore, so there is some hope - I hope!
BTW, I also tried the Battery Reset from Apple, although it is meant for the G3 Series PowerBooks, but that too didn't help. :(

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I think my battery is beyond help!
Authored by: Gabe462 on Sep 26, '03 07:15:30PM

Scuze my obliviousness, but where is the PMU button on my G3 bronze/firewire's battery? There's the charge indicator button, but I don't see anything else to push. Do I have to open the battery? Is it hidden in the connector somewhere? I figger I should at least start at the beginning before I try all them fancy steps.


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I think my battery is beyond help!
Authored by: osex314 on Sep 26, '03 08:33:54PM

Try finding your computer in the list here:

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