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different thoughts
Authored by: davidnorton on Jun 29, '03 07:07:34PM

I respect your decision not to buy Panther, but here are my thoughts.

Brushed Metal

It is something you have to get used to. At first, brushed metal on a webbrowser (Safari) was really weird, I wasn't used to it, and I hacked it to display 'regular'. Now I'm back to brushed metal. But really, it's not bad at all. I actually like it -- a lot more than when brushed metal is turned off. I imagine it'll be the same with the Finder, and eventually Mail... there should be some guidelines though as to what should be brushed metal and what shouldn't be. Apple, non-Apple? :-) We'll see.

Panther features I adore

Expose looks really great... quickly find the window you need (or, "pick a window, and window"). I have not seen this or used it in person, but from what I can tell it is extraordinarily useful.

Fast User Switching will be really useful for my family, because 4 or more different people use the iMac and it would be nice to keep separate user accounts... right now it's just too darned inconvenient to have to quit all your apps, log out, and log in, anytime you want to let somebody else on the computer.

The new Finder looks like it has a nice feature in the sidebar (which I assume is collapsable), and the fact that it's Cocoa means it will be a lot faster.

iChat AV has some handy features... namely, voice chat. I didn't think voice chat would be that great ("really, who cares. I can just send IMs, which let me talk to more than one person at a time"), until I tried it. My brother and I were able to collaborate on stuff and talk without having to switch back and forth between applications.

Oher Panther features

Built-in faxing, currently, won't be too useful to me since my family has one of those all-in-one machines. But at school it might be handy to have a nice fax engine on my Mac.

Preview, Mail, and Address Book all have nice new features that I will probably come to love. FileVault looks like it offers decent security for one's files. As far as I know, Xcode will be Panther-only, and it is the next generation in Mac OS X software development. FontBook looks handy.

Panther, for me, is something I am looking forward to using, as it has a lot of enhancements and features I have been looking for. I'll buy it.

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different thoughts
Authored by: truhe on Jul 02, '03 06:35:09AM

of course there are guidelines which say what can be brushed metal and what not. apple is violating its own guidelines with using the brushed interface for a web and file browser.

i bought a mac to have a consistent interface. i changed nearly every app which let me do this to aqua, to get this consistent interface. a brushed finder is like.. .well... i wanted to shoot the programmer who is responsible for ds_store-files. the same for the one who is reponsible for this brushed interface. its ugly. i hate it. i don't want to have it on my desktop.

please... PLEASE apple, take care of you own guidelines. brushed metal for a dvd player.calender or calculator ist ok, but NOT for a web browser, a file browser, a mailer, an imaging program...

i don't think that i'll buy panther with this brushed finder. maybe it's a cocoa app and i can disable it with demetallifizer or "by hand". but if it's still a carbon-app i won't be able to fix this bug.

the worst thing is that many many app developers also begin ignoring the human interface guidelines. take mellel for example. a word processor with a brushed metal interface...


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